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E - August 2

Aja is 4.5 months and recently became aware of, let's call it, his "package". LOL!! Everytime I change his diaper, he is grabbing and tugging on his manhood. The worst is when the diaper is poopy and he wants to play with himself. My question is this - does this end and is it common for this to happen at this early age? We try not to laugh, but it is hard not to do. We think it is sort of funny. You know how you are not supposed to laugh at a dog when he us humping something, is it the same with baby boys? Or do we let him explore himself to his hearts content? Tiffani, I know you have boys so I am looking forward to hearing your stories. Thanks everyone:)


Julie - August 2

My son is now 3 and I remember when his discovered his as well and yes it was a big pain in the b___t when I was changing his diaper. Now he doesn't play with it at all. I think this was just a stage when he was a small baby.


MRS.R - August 2

Hi E, my son does that. I think it is a MAN thing.:) Although my son is 5 not 4 months. I tell him that if he is going to touch that to go to a private place and do it. But i guess you can't do that I would let him do it unless like you said he has a messed diaper of course. It is funny to see though. He is very HANDS on already that's kind of funny. It only gets worse with age. My hubby lays on the couch sometimes and just has his hands there. WHY i don't know. I guess it's a security thing:) Take care


E - August 2

LOL at the security thing. I know what you mean, without having to name names or anything. Sometimes I worry that he will damage it b/c he does not know his own strength. What if he yanked it like he grabs my hair? I am worried that he will hurt himself. I am inclined to let him explore b/c I know it has to be normal. He hates his diaper, and always laughs when it is off. I dont blame him. Who would want to wear a sweaty diaper all day? I wish there was a way to let babies go nakes for an hour without worrying about them peeing everywhere. Is there?


N - August 2

my son did that too (still does at age two). We just took that as the opertunity to teach him the correct name for it (which he can't say, he says peemie), and that he doesn't touch it in public. The first time he saw a little girl get his diaper changed was the only thing funnier, he said "oh no, ju's peemie all gone!!" and grabbed at his diaper to make sure his was still there.


Tammy - August 2

Very commom thing for baby boys. My son stopped dong it before age 2. Funny things happened yesterday. He is 4 1/2 ans he is playing instructional hockey. Part of the required equpiment is a "cup". Hubby was out of town so I had to take care of it. I bought the kind that slides into shorts. I didn't mention anything to him. I got him dressed and we were leaving and he said to me, I love this birdie protector. I can use this as a birdie drum and proceeded to show me. He is standing in the driveway, with his legs spread apart banging on it laughing. I am thinking, where is the husband? I explained to him that he should just leave it alone which made him do it more. Once we got to hockey, he forgot about it, thankfully!


E - August 2

LMAO! He calls it a "birdie"? I think peemie is truly adorable, but birdie is just plain old funny!


Tammy - August 2

E- Yep, that what he call it. It's so interesting with boys. The stuff that they say about their manhood, makes me laugh sometimes.


tee hee hee!!! - August 2

Oh my Gosh, I don't think they ever grow out of this!!! My huband will keep his hand cupped over it whenever he is sleeping, like he is trying to protect it! He says he doesn't remember doing it. I have to laugh, because now with it being too hot for sheets it is really noticeable. I will get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and there his hand is protecting it for dear life!!!


Thinking about it... - August 2

If I had one I probably wouldn't leave it alone either.


~E~ - August 2

LOL.... this thread was funny... but I don't have to worry about this interesting stage YET.


KEEKEE - August 2

Nope!!!!! They don't grow out of it. My hubby still keep his hand in his pants...You know!!!!...Like AL Bundy( Married with children)....heeeheee....My son is 1. He still play with his p___s. Yes, we use the real word. We tell him what he is touching. I don't want him to feel a shame about his body. Every since my boys was born, we made it clear what their body parts are. Dh and I always tell our boys that no one has the right to touch your p___s.....I think Avery stop exploring at age 2 or 3. He is nine now. I turn my head when I am changing his goodnites. He is at the embarrasment stage. Mommy!!! don't look at my p___s stage....heeeheee.....Oh, try giving AJ a toy when you are changing him. He would me busy playing with the toy instead of bowel movement. Hey, it works!!!!


My two cents - August 2

Yes everyone is correct. My boys have a bath together and they play with their p___ses too. They even pull at eachothers. Not much a mother can say . Only don't do that? Which doesn't work. I find the hardest thing for me was to put zinc oxide cream on a erected p___s,I have had to do this several times in my second childs life he is only three now. What a challenge!!!! The first time I LMAOed all the way though the ordeal. I was also embra__sed with it. Somerthing which is still funny to this day.


Jen - August 2

My son is 8 and sometimes he's watching tv and will be touching his "manhood" I think without even realizing he's doing it. So I have to remind him that other people don't want to see that. I don't think they ever grow out of it.


E - August 2

I am so happy to hear that my son is not an alien!! About the erected p___s, I did not want to bring that up for fear of offending someone, but that is also happening. He always has a middle of the night, erection. I change his diaper and always make sure his p___s is facing down, so his diaper does not leak. I feel so ashamed to touch him when he is "aroused". Sorry, but I only have experience with erect, adult p___ses:) I don't like to touch my son's.


autum - August 2

my son does and did very early aswell. he is now 4 and tells, me "mom i'm going to my room for private time" i dont even bother to see what is so private but we too explaind that it was his and he could touch it but in a private space like his bedroom. many times at night when i check on him his hand is down his pants just resting. it's a boy thing.


karine - August 2

LOL. my 18month old son does that in the tub only. It was funny the first time...LOL



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