To Uk Mums Bout C4 S Life Before Birth

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Foxy - April 9

Hi. Was anyone else really disappointed with this programme. I couldn't wait to see it and although the 4D scan pictures were amazing, what the h__l was all that poetry for?! They could have made that programme just 20 minutes, which would have shown us what we wanted to see, but no, they had to drag it out by having that bloke droning on and on! My husband fell asleep. Also, did anyone else find the birth bit at the end a bit disturbing? I've seen hundreds of TV births and usually feel elated when the head pops out, but for some reason, this one had me crying with fear! I think it may have been all the underwater sounds of the mother groaning and screaming. For the first time, I'm actually terrified of giving birth! Anyone been through it and thought it wasn't too bad? I need reasurance.


Donna - April 9

Hiya Foxy, i watched that programme, i thought it was amazing i wanted it to be on for longer! the reason it draged on was because it was showing week by week and i wanted it to show my week fast! lol, and the man talking and doing poems was just making you see from the babys point of view, and i never found the birth at the end disturbing they tried to show everything to make it so realistic to us all because thats how it is and how its gonna happen and look like! it just went through me alittle bit, but hearning the noises of the woman put me more at fear, but that programme was great!


Foxy - April 9

Yeah, I guess you're right. I was impatient for it to get to my week too. :-) I know they were using the poetry to see it from the baby's point of view, but it just didn't work for me. I'm hoping the BBC do their own version, with no poems, no adverts and maybe that nice Dr Winston. :-)


Donna - April 10

Yea, They should show more programmes like that, because i enjoy watching them all, even tho it makes me queasy lol, i watch the special deliverys on living tv and discovery channel, im addicted to them but i watch them that much there all repeats now lol, so where in UK are you? and how far are you? im 38 weeks and im from Manchester xx


w - April 10

I missed the programme but, if you know that there is goin to be something like that on again please share it, anyone know if a repeat is going to happen?


Donna - April 10

Hiya w :) dont know if theres one on again or a repeat but i'll keep a look out for it


Foxy - April 10

I love those programmes too but I don't have cable TV. :-( Discovery health is great, I watch it at my friends house sometimes. I'm in Ess_x (I know we us Ess_x girls have a reputation but I'm really not that bad. lol). I'm only 19 weeks on Tuesday with first baby and just feeling those little fluttery movements that everyone talks about. Wow! 38 weeks, you're nearly there! Are you prepared? Is this your first baby too?


lou - April 11

i'm glad i'm not the only person that found this programme disturbing. The man reading "poetry" was awful. All that stuff about "if i'm not the perfect baby will it be curtains for me" and "50-50 i doomed to die". I am only 6 weeks pregnant and had to turn it off.


Donna - April 11

Hiya Foxy, yep im so prepared! not bought much clothes because i dont really know the size shes gonna be so im waiting then going on a big shopping spree!! i didnt feel flutters till 22 weeks but real propper kicks at 24 weeks, its great, but i wouldnt say it feels like b___terflys when u first feel it, i'd say its more of a twitching feeling! well hopefully this could be my last week! i hope it is lol i cant wait! just get it over and done with and have our lil girl - lou, that programme is just making it so real to people, misscarages go on thats why he was going on about it in the early weeks because thats the most crucial parts of the babys life!


Foxy - April 11

Donna,you lucky thing! Your having a girl! Brilliant! I don't know what I'm having yet. I hope to find out at my scan in 2 weeks. I'll be happy whatever it is as long as it's healthy, but I really love picking out little girls clothes, they're so cute. :-) I hope to have a daughter one day, can't imaging going through life without that experience.


Foxy - April 11

Lou, that 50/50 bit got to me too! The whole thing gave me a sense of doom and gloom. If you think you're worried now, at 6 weeks, I can definately say it gets worse. When I was 6 weeks, I was constantly checking for signs of bleeding and couldn't sleep properly until my 12 wk scan when I finally found out there was a baby in there after all. I felt great for a day and thought that'd be the end of it, but then I worried about why I wasn't showing yet, when will the baby move, it just goes on and on! Last night I watched a programme on bullying at school and started worrying about what I would do if it happened to my child. It's not even here yet for pete's sake! Does anyone know if parenthood can shorten your life? Because I think it may actually be killing me! :-)



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