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Stephanie - September 10

Hi VIV, I have read alot of your responses to other posts here & I would like to hear your opinion on my situation. I am going to paste my earlier post here for you to read: I was just wondering how many of you have had (-) urine & blood tests only to find out in your 2nd or 3rd month that you were actually pregnant? With my 1st pregnancy (8 yrs ago) I had 8 neg urine tests. I finally got a (+) blood test (at home, my moms a nurse) after I had missed my 2nd period. I have a healthy boy who will be 8 in Nov. (completely normal pregnancy( I have been ttc again for 2 1/2 years. I had some weird cycles in 2002 (every other month for about 9 months) I went to the Dr. finally & he said it had to do with my insulin levels being high (not diabetic), put me on Glucophage & Clomid in March 2003. Finally conceived in Oct 2003 through insemination but m/c at 6 weeks. I got (+) HPT on first day late with that one. After m/c my periods have been regular up until Aug. 1/24, 2/24, 3/26, one week late 5/5, 6/6, 7/8. Now I have not had period since 7/8. I've taken 6 HPT's. 1 VERY faint, possibly (+) 8/26. 1 home blood test 8/30 VERY faint, possibly (+), & 2 blood test at DR.'s 8/13 & 9/2 both (-). Not sure about 1st blood test but know for sure 2nd one was quantative. I have had a lot of symptoms, (nausea - no vomiting but had none with 1st preg either, peeing alot, headaches, slight metal mouth, change in appet_te, constipation, tired, sleeping alot, br___ts are not sore but extra sensitive & have had drops of fluid from nipples when applying pressure, stuffy nose, belly feels bloated & now beginning to feel firmer, mild cramping & pressure feeling off & on, very moody) I feel pregnant, just not sure if it is all in my head. I am planning to wait until this weekend to see if I start this cycle. If not I'm going to call Dr. & make them set up & ultrasound to see if we can see anything going on. Just curious about other experiences & looking for some encouragement. Thanks alot.


Viv - September 10

Stephanie, that list of symptoms sounds pretty convincing. Based on your missed 8/8 period you could be 7 weeks pregnant by now. Based on your experience with your first successful pregnancy, negative tests through the present are not to be relied upon. I try not to answer questions where drug regimes have been involved, or questions where a doctor is currently involved and can give far better answers. But since you ask, I would no way be giving up hope just yet. God bless!


Stephanie - September 10

Viv, thank you. By they way, after my m/c I took myself off all of the meds & haven't taken anything since, guess I should have mentioned that. The waiting & wondering just gets so hard sometimes. It's nice to hear somebody who has the same opinion as you. Thanks again & I'll be sure to let everyone know when I know something for sure.


Stephanie - September 14

Hi Viv, Just wanted to let you know that I finally got a (+) blood test yesterday. I am going in for my 1st appt on the 21st. I am going to ask my Dr why it took so long to get the pos (again). Thanks alot for your input last week. Guess it just goes to show that just about anything is possible! Thanks again. I'll let you know what I find out.


Viv - September 14

Hey, it's nice to hear back from you, and congratulations! Don't forget the piece about getting your dental plaque removed so that you minimize the chance of bleeding gums and premature birth. I guess they tell you that at pre-natal these days, don't they?


kimberly - September 15

I actually have a question.. I have a friend who believe is experiencing pregnancy signs but is still getting neg home test. She is in the military nd they are not quick to jump on a blood test. Her signs are: fatigue, bloating, she has had fluid out of her b___st, sore b___st and experiencing mood swings. I believe she has taken at least four home test and all are neg, but from what I have read that could be normal. Her last period only last a day and a half and now is waiting to see what her next period will bring which is about four days. Is there anything you could recommend or suggest to ease her nerves. She is desperate to get pregnant and is limbo about what is going on. tx


Viv - September 15

Kimberley, tell your friend to take the test at It sounds as though she is missing some symptoms. The short period could have been implantation spotting, especially if it was early. Tell her to take another home test when she is good and sure that her next period is not coming. Read the instructions carefully, and use first pee in the morning.


Stephanie - September 23

Hi Viv....Just wanted to let you know I posted an update under my original post "negative blood & urine but turned out pregnant" which is under the "pregnancy tests" heading.



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