To Whitney About Circumsicion

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P - June 23

Nowadays, circ_msicion is done the day the boy is born. It is quick (in most cases) and the pain is short-lived. The child cannot possibly remember his first day of life outside the womb, so don't worry about scarring him. My husband is not circ_mcised and wants our son to be. It makes it a lot easier to clean and lessens the threat of infection. And lets face it, kids don't like to clean up usually, so make it easier on him.


Not true - June 23

At our hospital, they do the circ_mcision a few days post birth. It's not hard to keep the foreskin clean. Our son is not circ_mcised, and neither is my husband. There have been NO problems.


P - June 23

It must vary from hospital to hospital then, I stand corrected. I didn't imply that there would be constant problems, just that it's a lot easier not to have to pull it back to clean and it does lessen chance of infection. You've taught your son well if he cleans it well, but there are children that are much more tempermental and don't take the time. My brother is one of them. Whitney, maybe a list of pros and cons would help you make your decision.


L - June 23

P-I know what you're saying. My stepson can't wash his hair or even remember to shower on a regular basis - I could only imagine if he weren't circ_msized and had to deal with that too, there would be infections for sure. I think a lot of it depends on the parents teaching hygeine to their children also. As in my stepson's case, his mother hasn't taught him a thing about hygeine... she hasn't ever taught him to wash himself & get into all of the nooks & crannies that need the dirt scrubbed out of them. He's 9 and my husband still has to go into the bathroom with him and show him what to do in the shower every other weekend when we have him - & he forgets in between weekends how to wash properly.


To not true - June 23

How do you clean it? Nobody will tell me.


monica - June 23

yes it must vary from hostpital to hostpital. My son circ_mcised the next day and I dont regret it. So much easier to clean. I knew a girl who never washed her sons uncirc_mcised p___s and he was in so much pain because he ended up getting an infection. So if you are planning on not circ_mcising your son.. you need to learn how to clean it... anybody out there know how to do this?


E - June 23

Pull the foreskin back and use warm soapy water. Also, make sure to dry it thouroughly, as you do with all crevices after a bath.


P - June 23

ALSO, after he goes "potty" clean it then, maybe with a wet wipe. My husband is not circ_mcised and was taught to do that at an early age, he's never had a problem, but he'd rather be safe than sorry!


Confused - June 23

I was just told that you shouldn't retract the skin until they are 7. ?????


E - June 23

Even though it was my husband that said it was age 7 when you need to start cleaning ( I also saw it online), I just looked at webmd and they recommend it at age 3 or 4. Conflicitng reports, as usual. I am sure I will read something else, somewhere else.


k - June 23

If you are not going to circ_mcise please take the extra time to clean your baby properly. My friend's 4 year old recently had to be circ_mcised because he had so many infections the doctor said he was in danger of losing part of his p___s! I can't imagine how painful that had to have been for him.


Audrea - June 24

With a baby that is not circ_mcised they say not to retract the skin because it can be connected by fibrous tissue and easily torn by accident while trying to clean and pull back. As the child grows older, that tissue becomes less rigid and will more easily be pulled back.


1 - June 24

Please think very carefully about this procedure and fully research the topic. Just because the father be circ_mcised it doesnt mean that is the best thing for them. It was alot more common years ago but it is losing its popularity. My father, brother and my husband were not circ_mcised and not one of them has had a problem or infection - even my close friend has two little boys and she has just taught them to wash that area when they are in the bath/shower and they havent had a problem so far. Im not anti - circ_mcision but i tjust want people to be fully informed before they go down that road so if the child asks why they did it when they are grown up they can give a real reason.Just remember circ_mcisions can go wrong too.


b - June 24



Mary - June 24

Women have infections a lot more often than men do. If what you are saying here is true, then a great number of women do not clean themselves properly. How yucky is that?


monica - June 24

maybe I am wrong but I have heard that the cleanest part of the womans body is her v____a.... is this right or wrong information?


bump - June 27




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