To Work Or Not To Work

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Dez - November 11

I am finding it really hard to handle work, not just physically but also emotionally. I do hair for a living so when I am there I am constantly on my feet. This is my second baby and I got pregnant with my second one about six months after my daughter was born. My body just feels like h__l, I hurt in so many ways I cant stand it. Not to mention I meet new people everyday and I do not feel like talking to anyone, nor do I feel creative enough to help talk them into a color, different haircut, or sell them any product. My boss has been very helpful to me throughout all of this, but I feel like she deserves someone willing to care and give it there all at work. Plus she told all the girls she dont want me doing any of the cleaning, and I dont want them to have any hurt feelings towards me since I am getting special treatment during my pregnancy. I know I dont plan on being there when I deliver, I just dont know how to quit, being my boss has made it "Easy" on me. Financially I dont have to work, I just hate all those comments you hear about so and so who's water broke at work, and so and so worked all the way through.


Jill - November 11

Wow, that must be tough. And you definetly don't want to be cranky with scissors! LOL If you don't need the money, maybe you can just work part time? Maybe 4 hours shifts would be easier. If you want to go back to work after the baby, I'm sure you could find a job at another salon.


Dez - November 11

LOL I am already part time and I definatly wont be going back to work anytime soon after this baby, I will have 2 little ones to take care of and it wouldnt even be worth it.


ally - November 11

How far along are you? You have to ask yourself will u go nuts sitting home or have u really had enuff? If u have had enuff be honest and say how u feel, not always easy to do and if u know leaving will make u happier, do it as life is too short to trek in to a place u would rather not be despite how comfy they make you feel, its nice they let u off cleaning etc, when i was pregnant they took it easy on me too as i got bigger and u do feel bad for it, again even if u work til ya 5 mths or so for a bit of cash then just say u r finding it too hard with managing one child and being pregnant, all the best


Dez - November 11

thanks ally for your advice, I am about 5 1/2 months. I am so much bigger and my body hurts so much more being I only gave my body 6 months after my first was born, lol.


Lisa - November 11

Dez, if you don't want to work and you don't too then there is your decision. I'm not working right now and I love it. This is probably the only time in my life where I won't have to and I'm taking advantage of it. Do what you want to do; not for what may perceive. At the end of the day you have to make yourself happy and if anyone gives you grief you can be a__sured it's done from jealousy of some kind.


Dez - November 11

Hmm Lisa I never thought of it that way! Thats it im putting in my two weeks tomarrow, lol.


Stay At Home Mommy - November 11

If you're doing good financially, just relax and stay home with your little one. I am pregnant, with a one year old, and it's easier on me physically, mentally, and emotionally to stay home, and get closer to her before the new one comes than it would be to go to work. You could let your boss know how much you appreciate her, but you also think she deserves someone who can do all that she needs. And if possible, let her know when you can work with her again. You shouldn't be burning any bridges if you're just honest and respectful.


Lisa - November 12

Happy to help. :)



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