Toddler Learning Sign Language

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JMB - March 31

Last Friday, Good Friday, I was watching Regis and Kelly and they had an actress, don't remember who, talking about teaching her toddler to do sign language. Has anyone else heard of this?? Thought it might be interesting to try.


D - March 31

I have heard about it, and am thinking of trying it. I have heard that babies are able to learn sign language more quickly than verbal language. I do know that families with deaf parents have absolutely no problems teaching the baby sign!


Misty - March 31

I want to teach my baby as many languages as possible, they are more apt to learn them when they are younger. It just seems like the more he knows the farther he will be able to go in life. Every advantage helps.


Missy - March 31

My bf is hispanic and plans on teaching the baby spanish (though I don't speak it and i told him that the baby is the learn english first so that i can communicate with it) and I have thought about teaching the baby sign language as well. I have heard that babies who know several languages tend to do better in school later on and besides, learning a second (or third) language never hurt anyone!!!


P - April 1

My sisters s-i-l has started to teach her nine month old sign language. so far it's working very well. Will do the same with my daughter in a couple of months. I hope she will be multilingual too. My bf speaks Polish, Russian and Greek fluently and my mother speaks Finnish and Swedish. I hope they will each teach her a language. I'm so looking forward to her future, I get excited just thinking of the possibilities!!! Good luck to all.


Heidi - April 1

Okay I think this all came from that movie, Meet the Fockers. They taught their kid to sign or something like that. I haven't seen that one yet. I want to try to teach my baby certain signs just for the fun of it! I just love it when Robert Deniro does the "I Got My Eyes On You" routine. Ha Ha! I can't wait for my kid to do it to someone else. Ha ha!


D - April 1

You may not believe it, but if I've even HEARD of that movie, I don't remember! I live in a very small town, work so much, I don't bother paying for tv...I wouldn't have time to watch it anyway. so, unless its on the rack I pa__sed in Walmart on my habitual loop around the store, I don't know about it!!! I actually heard about teaching babies sign from some parenting books. They say the baby can start signing easy signs as early as 6 months. I don't know how well it works, but hey, I'm game! here's a website I found... I don't think they use ASL, though. (as always, remove any -'s that may appear!)


toes - April 1

My oldest neice has Downs (thankfully it isn’t too severe, she can lead a full life) and was taught ASL when she was just a baby—infants are more able to learn and convey simple wants thru basic hand motions than having to wait to learn to vocalize them. For example, if she wanted milk the ASL sign is like you’re pulling on the udders of a cow, MUCH quicker than forming M-I-L-K. From what I understand, it’s pretty common for children with developmental disorders to learn ASL. I know we’re gonna be trying it when our kid is born. Then again, my wife was speaking 6-7 word sentences when she was just 9 months, so we might not have to, lol.


JMB - April 1

Does anyone know how early you can/should start teaching??


D - April 1 says no time is too early - but you won't see much in the way of results until 7 mo. agrees, but says the results don't show up much until 8-9 mo. They have research that babies that learn to sign learn to speak an average of 3 months earlier than non-signing babies. says to start teaching at 6-7 mo. says to start right away, but expect results around 6 mo.... There's and a host of other websites on this topic!


kenya mama - April 1

I taught my son sign language. I started doing signs for a couple words when he was about 5 mos. old and he began using them when he was about 10mos. It helped him to communicate what he needed without frustration and tantrums. I would recommend the book "Baby Sign". I found it at Barnes and Noble. I am now 8w3d preggo w/ my second and planning on doing the signing again. It was fantastic! BEst of luck to all.


D - April 1

One thing I ran across in my research on the topic is, if you are wanting your baby to learn American Sign Language, check into what the programs/books use. Some make up their own signs - which is just great, but if you want you baby to learn something that he can communicate with the deaf, it is helpful to use a program that uses ASL. Some of the signs may have to be simplified for a baby either way...



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