Told Breech At 36 Wks Is That A Crock

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Kaz - May 3

Surely 36 weeks is too soon to be told the baby is in breech position? Especially when the baby is still so active.


Maleficent - May 3

my daughter was breech up untill two weeks before delivery. it's not too soon to tell, but it is too soon to get worried about it.


Kaz - May 3

Thank Goodness. This is my first. Apart from the tiredness the whole pregnancy has gone so well, I was really disheartened to be told that I may need a C section. I hadn't realized how much faith I've gained in my body's ability to breeze through this and have been looking forward to a natural delivery, sure painful but possible. No matter how much you read, how well you've educated yourself, when a doctor tells you something it knocks your confidence of all you think you know. She wanted me to fork out $145 for an ultrasound to confirm it. I'm just going to see my GP for the next few weeks now, I'm not going back to the hospital until I'm in labour. Thankyou Mal, you're a terrific help.


nicole - May 3

not really. i went for an u/s at 31 weeks and he was head down, and im going again on fri for 36 weeks and well see if hes moved or not. but they told me theyre not too worried about if hes head down or not until after 35 weeks bc by then he most likely wont have enough room to turn himself around.


Jessy - May 3

I dunno, I thought my baby was active but my tummy was sooo tight, the little one wouldn't 8 months my midwife was concerned and attempted to "turn" the baby by ma__saging and pushing in a circle on my hurt and baby didn't like it either..she was monitoring his heart, if it got too fast it was time to stop, she tried again at 9months (36weeks)...but he just WOULD NOT BUDGE...I even tried lying on an incline and putting symphony music on the lower side so he might be attracted to the music and bring his ears down to listen...apparently he didn't care, she said she might have been able to do somthing at 7 months when he was still so small, at 8 months he was pretty large i guess but apparently he grew too fast and there wasn't much room left in there...I had a scheduled c-section when I was almost 2 weeks overdue (42 weeks) and my hopes of ever having a home birth just flew out the window just because my first was just SO stubborn! He's such a sweetie and I don't mind now, it's annoying that I MUST have C-sections ALWAYS now JUST because my second got his head stuck on my pelvis right when I really needed him to come out...just a silly position screws everything up, I'M TELLIN' YA!! ugh..they were both 8 and a half pounders at birth (at 42 weeks each time and scheduled births)



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