Told Wrong Gender

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Jen - June 17

Anyone been told that they were having a boy but ended up having a girl? Or is going to have a girl? Did you see anything on the ultrasound to believe it was going to be a boy?


Jamie - June 18

I was told 85% chance girl - haven't popped just yet, so I'm still waiting to see...I do know that it's been known to happen, because ultrasounds are very difficult to read and interpret...So I'd say, always been on the safe side, and get some gender-neutral clothes, and have a name from the opposite s_x picked out in reserve.


Misty - June 18

With my first pregnancy I was told at twenty weeks thst it was going to be a girl and it was really a boy. :-) No I didn't see anything that would have let me know the doctor would have been wrong. He didn't talk about what he was looking at and I had no idea what was what except for the obvious things.


Amy - June 18

mine was the other way around they said it was a girl and when he came it was a boy


Shelly - June 18

At my first U/S my DR was leaning towards a girl, so we waited another 4 weeks I was 23 weeks along and you could see it was a boy.At certain angle all three of us could see the boypart.At 30 weeks i wanted to double check and it still a boy.I,m 32 weeks now so i guess i still have to find out 100%.But i,m sure it is.


L - June 20



Jodie - June 20

At my 19 week u/s we saw the s____m, it looked rather large actually, then she showed us the reverse angle of the p___s and the cord so we couldnt confuse the 2, gee i really hope its a boy now


jane - June 21

what does an umbilical cord look like on an ultrasound?


Shelly - June 21

Lol, thats what I had too Jodie. The moment the Dr said" that looks like a p___s but its rather large let me make sure its not the umbilical cord " I glanced over to my hubby and he was glowing with pride and said yeah thats my boy!!!! That (at least to me) was so funny.But yeah I got to see the umbilical cord AND the p___s!!!!!!!


j - June 25



K - June 28



KAY - June 29



To Jen - June 29

How far along were you when they told you it was a boy and when did you find out it was a girl?????


Lily - June 30



jane - July 1

can anyone post their ultrasound pics w/ "boy parts?"


s - July 1



tracey - July 2

i hope that we are having a boy- i felt a little sad for a minute when i realized that we weren't carrying our little "Madison", then turned out to be having " Camden", heck, now I am definetly worrying.... OMG. I forget how many u/s you get.. HELP?



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