Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Pregnant

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cacknbawls - October 5



A - October 5

UGH...oh please. Sick of that couple; they are both gross. Now a gross baby! Hooray, haha!


kellie - October 5

I am just upset that I am going to have to hear even more about them. Wouldn't it be interesting if Katie suffers from post partum depression? Her husband will not be very understanding about it!


Leigh - October 5

Excellent point, Kellie. Maybe he'll have her pray to aliens or something. I am so tired of hearing about this couple; I really don't care for Hollywood in general, but these two have just really hit the wrong nerve with me.


??? - October 5

where in the world did you all hear that?


karen - October 5

To ??? - It's spreading...on several websites now.,, even Word spreads fast! Let's take bets on what the name will be. :)


Good question - October 5

I would like to know the answer to ???


to ??? - October 5


kellie - October 5

I was confirmed by their publicist. You can check it out on


kellie - October 5

Sorry, I=It


truthful - October 5

oh great first we had to go through kevin and britney now this, what next the tom and katie reality tv show, when did babies become the latest accessory in hollywood, honestly they think its the latest and greatest since last weeks louis vuitton bag, i feel sorry for all these kids all are destined for weekend visitation with one or the other parent, makes me sick :p


- October 5

dammnn i just read about it.


Lisa - October 6

Atleast she does not have to be involved in his mad rantings about Scientology anymore... He's a little crazy with that stuff. She is probably happy she's not part of that anymore; that consumes his entire life!


Rachel - October 6

I read somewhere that Tom C. thinks the baby is L. Ron Hubbard coming back to earth...I've read up on Scientology and its really quite...out there


??? - October 6

This couple really grosses me out, they are WAY overly affectionate in public(pda isn't bad but they are so LOVEY all the time), it always seems like an extravagant show to me, and now they're bringing a child into the mix? Lovely...


. - October 6

Poor Child!


Really - October 6

Who the hell cares? I thought she was a virgin? Huh. Poor child.



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