Tom Cruise S Buys What

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lacy - November 24 yeah....this is crazy to me! he bought a sonogram machine.


Jamie - November 24

Doesn't sound so crazy to me...though I didn't read the article. I know I threatened to steal my doctor's machine, and give it back after I had my baby; I loved being able to see her.


Hmmm... - November 24

I thiink it's a bit excessive, but when you're that rich, I suppose you can have anything and things don't look to excessive then. He bought Katie a plane as a pre-wedding gift. When you have 300 million, you can buy whatever you want.


wow - November 24

I don't think it's that crazy, especially since he has so much money....Wonder how he's gonna do it himself though?? lol I think it's more weird about the whole silent birth thing....


Scientology - November 24

Has turned him strange...


wow - November 24

what exactly does that religion believe? I heard there was something to do w/ aliens?? LOL


E - November 24

It's probably not to fun for Katie's baby to be looked at all the time. Those sound wave can be really loud for the little one.


D - November 25

He's so weird anyway, he used to be normal.


kris A. - November 25

I agree with you, E... if this religion is so into self healing, no medical intervention, no drugs during labor - poor mom - quiet birthing room to ease baby's entrance, etc. Then why is it ok to blast baby with sound waves without medical a__sistance whenever dad or mom feel like taking a look?? So advanced medical technology is ok in Tom's book as long as HE benefits from it? But if mom needs help for pain management during labor, tough cookies? Or if she suffers from post partum depression take two vitamins and a run around the block, that should clear it right up?? You're right, that man is selfish and odd...


What's - November 25

ODD is that you people actually care.


karine - November 25

Well..i think that the sonogram machine is a little much too, but they are giving it to a hospital after use. so it will benefit other people, so i think that is nice


Stephanie - November 25

At least he's going to donate it after the birth.


Soleil - November 25

Isn't it bad to do have too many sonograms done? Well I think that is what I heard.


Hi Ladies - November 25

I'm sorry but Tom Cruise is an a__sh!!!. I can't stand him or his stupid comments I think it's hillarious when men try to tell us what to expect and how to act when were pregnant i'm sorry how many children have you given birth to? He can take his comments you know where because it's his carrer that's going down the drain.


TC - November 25

The "experts" have said that there is really no harm done to the baby to have numerous sonograms. I myself had to have 5 done. However, Tom Cruise is the wierdest thing on t.v. right now. I always thought he was off his rocker, but when I saw him act like a monkey on Oprah it was confirmed.


D - November 25

Ultrasounds are done using sound waves, it won't hurt the baby. And I think it is cool that they could afford one, I would love to have one for peace of mind! But, I don't like Tom due to his "religious" or non-religious beliefs. Poor Katie & baby having to live with him!


k - November 26

Katie will snap out of it soon and agree with the rest of the world that Tom Cruise is a controlling freak!



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