Too Many Braxton Hicks

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KH - May 24

I'm 32 weeks and having TONS of braxton hicks. It seems like I have one every time I stand. How many is too many and is there such a thing as too many? thanks


TT - May 24

Good question. I too experience one to several of them a day (I am 26 weeks) especially when I am busy and running around. ???


Alexis - May 24

Okay I don't mean to scare you but I was having alot of braxton hicks with my 2nd and I was about 25 weeks, I thought they were; I went to my dr's and told his midwife what I was expieriencing and she checked me and I was 1cm dilated she said what I thought was braxton hicks were contractions and I was put on immediate bedrest and had to quit my job. She told me that if they continued and it was more than 5 an hour and I had already put my feet up and tried to rest that I should go into the Hospital to be checked. It happened again and I went in to the hospital and I had to be given a shot to stop them. I really recommend ladies that you tell your Dr. and let them know your concerns and if your situation is like mine go to the hospital for rea__surance. Good Luck


m - May 24

I'm like TT, I get them when I'm busy and running around.


KH - May 24

thanks Alexis - I have an appt on Thur morning, so I will definitely mention that. :)


beth - May 25

I also had Braxton Hicks with my first child. By the time I was about 26 weeks they had started. By 32 weeks they were definitely more than 4 or 5 an hour. I was actually able to time them 5 - 10 min apart. By 33 weeks I was dilated 1cm. They put me on bed rest and fluids till 36 weeks. My first day off of bed rest I went into labor and delivered my son. Ladies, the best thing you can do is get off your feet, lye on your left side, and drink plenty of fluid. If you are still getting the contractions then go to the hospital. They may be able to give you something to stop them. Just make sure you keep your Dr. informed of everything. You don't want your child to be born before 36 weeks. Good luck!


TT - May 26

I spoke to my doctor about this yesterday and she told me...all is very normal, unless accompanied by severe cramping, backache etc. She said it helps drink plenty of fluids and just keep yourself extra hydrated.


teresa - May 26

im 25 weeks and last night i got strong pains in my stomach and on my side. Im not sure if this was the braxton hicks or not... What exactly does it feel like?


KH - May 26

it just feels like your uterus is very tight and tense.



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