Too Many Children

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Rose - November 4

I just found out that I am expecting my 5th child. I was on the mini pill, but it apparently wasn't a strong enough dose. I really didn't plan on having anymore children. Anyways, I'm am very concerned. I've heard that having more than 4 children can be dangerous. I've searched the web for info on this but haven't really found anything. I am 31 years old. has anyone else reading this had more than 4 children?


:o) - November 4

Oops, sounds like you needed a mega pill! Good luck to you.


Nope - November 4

My own mom has 6, my grandparents on my moms side had 7, my grandparents on my dads side had 13, and a family in my town has 11 and I think the mom is like 35. They are all pretty healthy.


Tee - November 4

As long as you are healthy you will be fine. I mean you are only 31 which is not old, alot of women have had more than 4 kids, this is not uncommon.


Hi - November 4

little inof on the mini pill-during a year, one out of 200 users will get pregnant-not exactly the best control you could have been on if you were serious about preventing!!!!


Jeriah - November 5

I am 31 and expecting my 5th child. I love my big family. I love that my kids have learned to work together. They actually want to change diapers.


Nikki - November 5

I'm 29 and expecting my 5 th baby. Big families are very common where I live. I have a cousin who doesn't believe in birth control and they just had # 14. ( I'm not trying to catch up with her ) lol


Jamie - November 5

Anyone hear about the family in Arizona or Arkansas with 16 kids?


liz - November 6

I don't know who told you having more then four kids is dangerious but it's a load of bull. The only thing dangerous about this situation is your sanity


ally - November 6

in the old days they had no contraception and had loads, my friends mum had 9, nah u will be fine


kris b - November 7

well my mom had 7 children and started hemmoraging with the last one and almost died, so this is more risk with the higher number you get. She might have been a rare one though. Congrats on your pregnancy!!


misty - November 14

hey all, I am 28 and I am having baby #6. I love my family and yes it is getting bigger. I tried for 2 years with my first and then took all sorts of b/c and concieved all 3 girls. Then a planned preg, now I am happy. We ended up with equal amount= 3 boys 3 girls! :) But here is a question where ever you go do you tend to find people who snicker or talk about your big family??? Boy I do and it Makes me so mad. Please respond!!


Tanyav - November 14

Rose, They just say that there is a higher chance of miscarriage with your first and 5th pregnancy. That is really all that i read.



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