Too Many Fatty Foods

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Megan - May 6

Is it true that the baby just takes from you the nutrients it wants? It's just that I seem to be eating a lot of fatty foods and lots of carbohydrate-based foods. I am trying to balance these out by eating fruit and vege but I'm worried that the amount of fat in my diet will adversely affect my baby. Also I'm having sleepless nights and have not slept well throughout my pregnancy so far (I'm 30 weeks) and I'm getting up for work early and am completely drained throughout the day, which is why I think I constantly snack on chocolate and crisps and toast (with loads of butter). I think they give me more energy to get me through the day. Can anyone offer any advice/help?


Leahp - May 6

Hi Megan, How early do you have to get up for work?? I get up at 4:30 and can relate with getting up early, but I have to say I've been sleeping better now than I ever have!! Are you laying off of certains caffeine drinks and foods in the evening? Do you work out, to help you sleep better at night?? So many questions, but there's a lot of reasons for why you're feeling the way you are and it does all come down to sleeping well, our bodies function and metabolize foods more efficiently when our bodies are well rested! It is probably a big reason you're craving fatty foods! It's been proven that people that work long hours and don't get enough sleep put on the pounds! All I can say is really look at what you're doing in the evening and go to bed earlier, also some warm milk always helped me!!


Kate - May 6

I'm not completely sure of the answers, the only thing I know is that eating lots of fatty foods makes you very lethargic and tired, as far as I'm aware the baby does take all it needs from you, but by not eating some healthy foods you're not giving your body the nutrients/vitamins it needs and so it's shutting down, making you feel really tired. As for choccy bars, unfortunately they're a quick fix and work for an hour or so but then your body needs more energy again, something to do with fast-releasing energy and slow-releasing energy, chocolate etc is fast-release so it gives you a quick high, but fruit (bananas are sugary fruit for example) slowly releases the energy, making you feel better for longer. Don't quote me on all this as it could just be that at your stage of pregnancy tiredness is normal (I'm only 9 weeks), but generally fatty foods make you really lethargic and tired and I should imagine this is being made worse by the fact baby is taking everything it needs as well!!



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