Too Much Baby Advise

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Karen - October 1

Ok my baby is 4 weeks now and everyone I mean everyone feels like they are BABY EXPERTS. I get all kind of crazy advise like giving my baby surgar water to baby food. OMG he is only a month. Then there are these strange mixures that I was told he needs to grow faster. It is driving me nuts. Everyday it seems like there is something new. I am trying my best not to offend anyone, but I have had it. Is it me are is every one else nuts. So far I am following his doctors advise and ignoring everyone else. If they ask if I did it I sometimes lie and say yes to get them off my back.


mariah - October 1

Yes people tend to always want to put their 2 cents in. Either you can speak up and tell them that you have it under control or you can just take the advise,smile and say thanks and just do what you think is best. Don't worry after a bit they will cool off. Everyone trys to be a know it all sometimes. Look at it this way at least you have people trying to help. :)


Karen - October 1

Thanks Mariah. Unfortunatly telling them I know best may not work. As the ones giving the adivise are older. MIL, ex step father wife etc. Normally I am one to speak my mind freely but I dont want to be disrepectful at all. Thank God my MIL is in another country cause I know we would fight. She bascially is telling me what to do as oppose to advise. Dont get me wrong I am thankfull for the help it is the ordering and "you better do this" I cant take. On top of it I have to be careful with him cause he was 4 weeks early.


hh - October 2

Just say "I ran that by the doctor and he said it was a bad idea."


ally - October 2

hey karen, i think its just normal with everyone around u to be honest as i copped it too, i still do, you should give her a dummy, u should do this, do that, my mum in law is the worst, telling me she isn't hungry, its non stop, i have learnt to smile and let it go in one ear and out the other or u go mad as it was getting to me, many ppl who dont have babies think they know it all too. Don't give ur baby anything other than milk until after the 4th month period as u will make them sick, don't listen to the ppl from the old school especially with their old fashioned remedies that are useless, just block it out as its the only way and it will cease and become less very soon and the only advise u need to take is ur own init_tiative and your drs. all the best with it.


Karen - October 3

Thanks a lot. Like I said before she lives in another country and I am so afraid to call her anymore. She is always asking me if I did this yet are tried this yet and you better if you want him to strive etc etc. We are sopose to visit her for christmas and I am so reconcidering that cause he will only be 4 months and I really dont want to have to fight with her esp over the holidays. My mom has told me not to give him anything other than what the doc said to. I usually block it out or I will say I have tried it already just to get them off my back.


April (aka my name is mommy) - October 3

In the end I did and do sometimes have to be rude if just making a quik I gotta leave doesnt work. Stick up for your self now for sure thoe, or those same people will pa__s hosts of germs and viruses etc to your child and it is a nightmare when your lil one is so sick.


Steph - October 3

The best advice I can give you is just to smile and say are the parent, but a lot of people feel that they need to give you unsolicted advice. Honeslty your best bet is to just smile and acknolwedge their advice, but do your own thing. Get your info from the doctor if your concerned about anything, but other than that, you will learn your own parenting skills and your own thing in time....good luck to you!!!


Christy - October 4

My mother gave me baby cereal before I was a week old. And b___stfeed, well she thought that was just nasty. So, you can imagine when my daughter came along and I b___stfed and didn't give her cereal until almost 4 months old, well my mother thought I was starving the poor kid. If it makes you feel any better they will leave you alone when the 2nd one comes. But ONLY if you ignore all of there advice with the first baby. Good luck, I remember many times being on the edge of losing it!!


A - October 4

People just want to be nosey and raise everyone's kids the way they raised theirs. Sometimes people have good advice; other times they're just stupid. I would take everything they said with a grain of salt. Follow the advice of his doctor. And always ask the doctor before you decide to try out any of the advice given. :) Good luck and don't worry - we've all been pressued to do things!



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