Too Much Of A Good Thing

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kristin - December 2

At 13 weeks i had a check-up, and my doctor gave me fish oil,calcium, and iron to take each day, along with my folic acid he had given me before. Is this safe? There were no tests done at all to see if i need them, and I feel sick if i take all of them as directed. can anyone help? thanks!


m - December 2

kristin, what did he give you all of that for? Did he tell you why? I've always been told that just a good prenatal vitamin with folic acid is sufficient. But he may have given you that for some specific condition. I think if it's a normal healthy pregnancy, and that stuff makes you sick anyway, I would just take the prenatal vitamins only. But again, I don't know the details. I'm just overly cautious when it comes to taking too much of anything... especially during pregnancy. Good luck!


kashi - December 2

well, i am vegan, so i really have to watch how i eat now, since i need much more of what i get usually. that's why i've decided to take a calcium supplement additionally to my prenatal vitamins. it works fine for me. the fishoil is for your baby's brain development, but you can subst_tute it with pure flax oil, it is plant based and easier on your stomach. the calcium can be eliminated by drinking a lot of milk and eating enough dairy. but the iron is tricky. eat lots of spinach (preferably fresh) and other green vegetables. red meat also contains iron, but try to eat organic, since chemicals in meat, milk, etc. go staight to your baby. onother thing that might help is taking the vitamins after (or during) a good and filling meal. i get sick from my vitamins if i take it on an emty stomach. hope this helps...


kashi - December 2

p.s. eat lots of beets, lightly cooked....


m - December 3

kashi, well said! I didn't know what the heck fish oil is for. I learn new things all the time on this site. I love it!


E - December 3

I am also a vegetarian and prefer/use flax oil capsules (Whole Foods) for my essential fatty acids. Fish oil is a source of essential amino acids. Ick:) Yes, everything he gave you is safe, and needed, but the vitamnins can be found in a simpler form such as a prenatal pill. Amino acids are not found in the prenatals and need to be purchased separately, if you want to take them.


kashi - December 3

yeah, flax oil rules! and i love the taste of it, yum yum!


kristin - December 4

great thanks so much i feel better now! thanks for taking the time to help me out!



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