Took Diet Pills Without Knowing I Was Pregnant

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Mary - May 12

I just found out 2 days ago that I'm 7 weeks pregnant. What I'm really worried about is that about 5 or 6 weeks ago I took the weight loss pill TrimSpa for a full 2 weeks!!! Now I'm afraid my baby could have been affected by that. I'm freaking out just thinking about that but the doctor won't see mee until a full month! What do you think???


BBK - May 12

Discontinue takling it due to the caffeine and some of the herbs, DO TELL your doctor but don't get too worried. I a__sume you used the ephedrine free one since ma-huang is banned? A couple of ingrediends are sort of iffy, but nothing that stands out as a definite harmful.... I seriously doubt it works either. It's mostly herbs and minerals


Karen - May 12

Dont worry. I knw how you feel. I was drinking green tea 2-3 times a day for my stomach ( not a__soicating it with being pregnant) before I found it. I also had some alcohol the weekend before I knew. I asked my doc and he said everything is fine I should discontiune the tea and no more alcohol. It seems that whatever your doing before you find out usually will not affect the baby. If you continue then you will face problems then. You should if you have not already start you prenatal vitiams folic acid. It has all the ingredents needed for you and your baby and it prevents birth defects. Good luck, congrats and welcome


Marnie - May 12

I totally know how you feel. Before I knew I was pregnancy I'd taken several sleeping pills, st. john's wort and a nasty migraine pill called zomig. And drank once. The Doc just said, it's too late to change it, don't worry about it.


Mary - May 13

Gee, thank you guys for all your positive feedback. Yu don't understand how worried I was & how much your rea__surance has helped me. At least now I won't be that parananoid until next month when I could finally get so see my doctor.



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