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Jason - April 17

Hi everyone - I must say I feel a little out of place on this website. Let me explain quickly before I get to my point. I'm a student at University of Wisconsin and I'm doing a project on Health and Beauty products for the opposite s_x (I'm a male). I chose to look at skin care products for women who are pregnant. I'm wondering if anyone here could give me some input on what skin care problems are the most glaring for you and if there are any products that address those problems effectively. I greatly appreciate any input you could give me. Thanks! Jason


em - April 17

I have the worst dry skin right now. Palmers cocoa b___ter works pretty good.


Jason - April 17

Thanks for your reply, em!


E - April 17

Hi Jason - I graduated from UW Madison (BA Psychology). Great school:) Is that where you are? I used Proactiv and it worked wonders for my skin. Not a single breakout during my entire pregnancy. Any more questions, just ask.


Kim E - April 17

I use Cetaphil cleansers, lotions, and creams for my skin. I had mild acne for the first time ever during my first 12 weeks and it's now starting to clear. I used topical Clindamycin (Clindagel) and it worked great. Good luck with your project!


Heavenly - April 17

E!! You used the proactiv??? I always wondered about that stuff. You know it cured Jessica Simpson of her unruley acne. Now she can eat greasy foods and all the m&m's she wants. Lol, jk. Really tho I wanted to buy that stuff but I wanted to talk to someone who had used it before. I am lucky that I don't have much but it seems that since I have been preggo I keep getting one or two here and there and my face is oily. I constantly wash my face but then I have to use lotion for the dry skin. I can't win dammit! Does anyone know what is good for razor burn????? I get those little bitty red bumps on the upper part of my legs.


Jenn... - April 17

I would say that the biggest skin care problem pregnant women face is stretch marks. There are many products marketed to help us deal with this problem, of which there effectiveness is questionable. Palmers Cocoa B___ter with elastin is the most commercialized. I have used it twice a day throughout my entire pregnancy, until recently I thought it worked wonders. However now reaching my 34 week the stretch marks are starting to appear. Also, I have heard of a product called Strivectin to be used after pregnancy for reducing stretch marks, it is supposedly very effective....lets hope :)


No Stretch Marks Yet - April 17

Jenn!! Let me know if that stuff really works. I heard it does wonders on wrinkles too ;o)


E - April 17

Hi Heavenly!! I think Proactiv is the best invention ever. I swear by it. Really. I was breaking out like crazy, prior to being pregnant, and took a chance while watching the infomercial on a Saturday morning. I NEVER break out anymore. I cannot say enough great things about it. They could raise the price to $150 a kit, and I would still use it. If you try it, let me know what you think:) I am off to bed but I am wondering how you have been feeling? I will start a thread tomorrow or Tuesday and check in with you. XOXO


Jason - April 17

Thanks E, and everyone else. I'm learning a lot already! By the way, E, I actually attend UW-Stout in Menomonie. I've read some posts about ProActiv on other boards and many women have found it successful, however there does seem to be some debate on whether it is safe or not. Some doctors have said yes it is and some have said no. One person said it was okay because it only contains 2.5% of Benzoyl Peroxide which is the active ingredient. Here is the link to the posts about the topic:


Jason - April 17

Sorry, that link won't work. Try copying and pasting this one into your address bar.


Missy - April 18

I have had the most horrific (ok, well at least to me) acne of my life during my first trimeste - face, back and chest. Used ProActiv - awesome stuff!!


Julie - April 18

I have used Proactive in the past with not much luck. I'm sure Jessica Simpson seeks other acne treatments through a derm. The worst problem I have had is acne on my face and back and I normally am treated with medication but can't take medication through pregnancy. I also didn't think Proactive was safe during pregnancy?


Desiree - April 18

Jason, I use clearsil daily face wash. It is oil and fragrance free. It has really helped throughout my pregnancy. My acne was starting to get worse and I started using it and it really cleared things up. As long as you keep using it, it works.


JB - April 18

I have two VERY dry patches on my chin. This began around my 5th week of pregnancy, I'm now 24 weeks and have not found anything to help clear it up. I have considered using ProActive but I'm not sure if this will help with dry skin. Does anyone know??


E - April 18

There are conflicting opinions regarding Proactiv, and its safety during pregnancy. I was using it prior to becoming pregnant and my OB said it was okay to continue using. JB - I do not think it will resolve dry patches, as it is an acne cleanser.


Ca__sie - April 18

I find that I am breaking out big time all over my face. Along the hairline, chin, nose.... and my normal skin care regimine isn't doing c___p anymore! I never really had a problem with pimples, maybe the occasional pimple around my menstrual cycle but now I have 15!!!



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