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alr - April 16

what are common signs of toxemia during pregnancy


Jen - April 16

My doctor thought I had it and luckily I did not. I had a lot of swelling, sudden weight gain, high blood pressure. If they think you have it, they will give you a blood test to be sure. Here are some other signs: # If, after the 20th week of pregnancy, your blood pressure rises to 140/90 or more when you have never had high blood pressure # Sudden weight gain unrelated to excess food intake # Severe swelling of the hands and face # Unexplained headaches or fever # Esophageal or stomach pain or itching # Vision disturbances, such as blurred vision # Protein in the urine or very low urine output # Rapid heartbeat # Confusion


mandy~ - April 17

im 25wks pregnant and i am in the 'high risk for developing pre eclampsia' iv had high blood pressure since wk 8, i get symptoms and some days are better than others, bed rest is the best thing to do. even tho if your anything like me its so hard to stay and rest as much as possible. the other day i was in the shops and i got a sudden bad headache behind the eyes and my vision went blurish and it felt like my eyes were being squeezed it was so horrible i felt so sick i went in the hospital and the doctor said its just another symptom of pre eclampsia and the only thing to do is rest, i had a choice to stay or go home and i went home. its not fun and lucky for me its going to be a loooooooong pregnancy


KEEKEE - April 17

I had preeclampsia with both of my pregnancies. Very women's body is different, so you may or may not have of the preeclampsia signs. It only effects 5% to 8% of pregnancies..........These are the signs: High blood pressure and protein in the urine....swelling..sudden weight gain.. headaches...changes in vision...............The first sign I had was headaches and blurred vision at 7 weeks along.I also had pain in my side and had a hard time sleeping. I had protein in my urine at 30 weeks. The high blood at 31 weeks.......If you have any of these signs, report it to your dr. asap.Preeclampsia advance very quickly and you can become very dangerous............There is a site about is tons of info and a forum for support.......GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!



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