Tp Cravings

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not telling - May 9

I am have a embarrassing thing that I crave some people might even laugh I think is kinda crazy but I crave tp my cousin craved it when she was pregnant and she told me to try it one time and I did and know that I am pregnant I crave it all day and I dont eat it I just chew it !


ok - May 9

that's weird...why would you ever agree to try it in the first place?


what? - May 9

Does tp = toilet paper? If it does, I have heard of some women who are iron deficient finding the smell of paper to be appealing. Perhaps you should call your doctor for some tests.


bump - May 10



Not saying - May 10

I wanted to eat tar/pavement. I was pregnant in the summertime and when road crews would come out and pave patches of road, I wanted to eat it. I told my doctor he said it was weird, but fine, and not to really eat it!!


me either - May 10

a cowork told me about women wanting to eat dirt for nutrients while preggo. weird stuff but i guess it does happen.


amanda - May 10

i read about weird cravings like that, they called it PICA, some women often crave dirt or even baking soda. did you tell your doc, what did they say? that is so strange!


Erin - May 10

My mom craved burnt wood...she said that she wanted to eat it. Still to this day she likes things with a burnt taste. Weird what pregnancy does eh?


amanda.d - May 10

They say when you crave something its something that your body is missing.However,LOL, i don't know what nutrients or vitamins are in t.p.I crave raw potatoes rinsed in ice cold water.


DEE - May 10



not telling - May 13

Hi I am the same person who craves tp I was just wondering do you thing tp carries cemicals that will harm my baby?


honestly - May 13

This is something you are going to have to talk to your doctor about. I don't think any of us here will be "qualified" to answer that question for you. I'm sure your doctor has heard and seen it all so please don't be afraid to ask them. It really sounds like you are lacking a nutrient in you diet. Hopefully your doctor can figure out which one and get you some supplements.



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