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timika - September 23

okay i went to the hospital on last monday because of very bad migraines. I found out i am pregnant. Well they did a transva___al ultrasound and saw a sac and fetus. I have read on a couple forums that 5 weeks is too early to see a fetus is this so and if so am i further along than what it shows. they went by my hcg level and said that it seems that I was roughly 5 weeks pregnant my hcg level was 7467. what do you think??


Tory1980 - September 24

We don't have hCG tests done here so the number means nothing to me but the variation between them at different weeks makes me think they are unnecessary a lot of the time and just add more stress. Transv____al u/s give better 'pictures' although I have never had one. It is possible at 5weeks to see a 'fetus' or more like a peanut shape and at 5w6d they saw a heartbeat with my second baby and movement. A lot depends on the machine and also on the technician. When was your LMP? If you are certain on that then go by it as working out your due date. Congratulations(?) and what a way to find out! LOL!


timika - September 24

well my last period was aug.13 but it only stayed on for a day or 2 so i still counted it as my period


cayingo - September 24

That is a quite high hcg level. That plus seeing a sac and fetus would lead to believe you are further than 5w. Call your OB for an appt. They will be much better skilled at dating the pg than an ER attending. Do you know when your LMP was?


SaraH - September 25

HCG is a VERY rough estimate of how far you are. It can vary by alot between pregnancies at different times (mine at 5.5 w's was much much higher then average for 5.5 w's). It seems very strange that they are going off of that. They could have measuered the baby since they saw one and that would have been a much better indicator then the HCG level. Anyways, if they saw the baby (which isn't impossible at 5 w's but normally don't see baby or heart beat until between 5 and 6 w's...was the heart beating? It starts about 22 days post conception). Anyways, I wouldn't base anything off of the HCG. Have another u/s before you pa__s the 1st trimester and it should be pretty accurate in telling you how far you are for sure.


SaraH - September 25

By the way. My hcg w/ my dd at about 5 -.5 w's was over 9,000 and I know for a fact that I was only 5 w's at the time.


Tory1980 - September 25

How long does you AF usually last for? If it isn't typically two days then I wouldn't count it as AF. You definitely need another u/s though to check dating. If they saw a fetus then you will be further on - like I said at 5weeks all they saw woth me was what resembled a peanut.


timika - September 25

well they did a limited v____al scan which only showed if there was a tubal or ectopic but instead he saw a sac and a fetus in it. My period is normally 6 days so it was weird to ony have it for a couple of days. Thanks so much for everyone who commented. I go to the doctor tomorrow i am so excited because i stop worrying.



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