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Missy - June 27

OK - I am a first time mommy - and I thought the IDEA of a travel system was fantastic, not to mention the price wasn't too shabby. But now I keep hearing negative things about them. I was going to purchase the Graco Bianca Travel System. Anyone have one and have an opinion on it? If travel systems are bad, any suggestions on strollers and car seats? Thanks a million!!


dmr - June 27

I am curious about this too. I don't know wht people are so against them. It really is cheaper to buy all the pieces together than seperately. I am interisted in the Graco Coach Rider. It has gotten really good reviews. It is a stroller, baby carrier, and pram/ba__sinet in one for about $250.


Missy - June 27

C'mon ladies - I know you ALL have opinions - please don't tell me you don't have one on this subject....I mean, I know it's not as fun as circ_msision, but hey, it's important nonetheless!!! I would really like to hear from women who have bought or been given travel systems - what do you think about it? What brand is it? Was it heavy and a pain in the a__s?


Melissa - June 27

I am also a first timer and was going to get a travel system too. But, I am due in Oct, and my friend says not to get one, because the seat that comes with the travel systems are only good up to 22lbs, and since I wont be using the stroller much in the winter with the snow, she told me to just buy an infant carseat/carrier now and then get the stroller and other car seat later. She says if I get a travel system, then I will just have to buy another car seat in a few months anyways and then it wont fit in the stroller. I really think I want a travel system, anyone know if the stuff I was told is true?? Are there travel systems that you can that the car seat fits the baby for more than a few months?? I need help too girls, hope some people respond soon!!!!


Katharine - June 27

I think mine is Graco. I loved it. The stroller was great for our town with bad sidewalks and for sticking stuff underneath and we needed the car seat anyway. I think mine was less than $100 on clearance at Wal-mart. I probably wouldn't pay too much more than than, though. We have also used the umbrella stroller a lot.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - June 27

we got a travel system and love it. yes the car seat only works up to 22 lbs, but after that, the baby will be big enough to ride in the stroller by herself. it seems to me to have already paid for itself and she is only 7 weeks old.


Julie - June 27

I have a travel system and I never had any complaints about it. It was great with my son you just put the car carrier right into the stroller until they are big enough to fit into the stroller. My son was in his carrier until he got to heavy for me to carry around (about 6 months) then he went to a regular car seat. I don't have problem with them?


E - June 27

I chose not to get one b/c the infant seat looks uncomfortable for the baby to sit in for longer than the car ride. I bought the Pottery Barn Kids Zooper Stroller and the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Infant Seat (I hate it). The stroller is magnificent but the infant seat is so tiny. I do have a fat baby... It is not a big deal to take him in and out of the infant seat to place him into the stroller. He loves the stroller b/c he has more room to ride.


kmr - June 27

I couldn't believe it, I saw the Eddie Bauer Travel system (stroller & infant carrier) at Big Lots today for $99. What a deal!


Missy - June 27

Thanks for the replies....I knew a little provoking would help LOL! I have just fallen in love with the Graco Bianca Travel System and hate to get anything else. Does anyone else have this one and does it fold up? Is it a big heavy beast or is it fairly light as compared to the bulky 30lb travel systems?


dmr - June 27

I don't get why anyone wouldn't want a travel system. You need an infant carrier (you can't put a newborn in a regular car seat) You need a stroller. So why not buy them together & get a good deal. Plus the infant carrier will fit on the stroller until your baby is big enough to ride in the stroller which will probably be about the same time that it will need a full-size car seat. Am i missing something? You will have to have two different car seats (infant carrier & full-size car seat) reguardless, right???


P - June 27

Well first off, my nephew is 14 months and I believe he's about 24lbs which is about average. Unless you have a great beastie the carrier should be good for close to a year. My daughter is 3.5 months and there's still tonnes of room in the carriers I have. Both were given to me used. My daughter hates them both but I don't think it's the carriers, she just hates being in the car. They are heavy though and I've got calluses on my right hand from the handle.


E - June 27

to dmr - I didn't want one b/c I couldn't find one that I liked, within my price range. Also, I got a 40% discount on my stroller b/c I worked for PBK and there was no infant seat that went w/ the stroller. Having a travel system was not important to me. I really liked the way the PP infant seats looked but not the strollers. Peg Perego strollers looked like overpriced Gracos to me. So I opted for a set that did not match. Lastly, travel systems look so bulky. Those are my reasons:)


~Ash~ - June 27

We purchased a Even-flo travel system for $160 dollars, I thought it was an awesome idea. I think though that I was proven wrong. Our carseat has already broke and my son is just 5 weeks old the base that the car seat snaps into broke it has 3 different positionings for the baby to be leaning either back or up a little bit and the springs popped out so now he just has one position which is all the way up. Taking it back anyways hasnt even been 60 days since purchase. The stroller seems to be nice but they are extremely huge it seems and take up so much space. My first son we bought everything seperately and I dont remember as many problems. However all carseats do seem to be wierd to work with.


HP - June 27

I registered for Graco Quatro Tour LX travel system. Yeah it looks bulky and all, but it seems very sturdy, and I like the style.


Jbear - June 28

Most baby stores will have the stroller down where you can reach it, or will get it down for you. Before you buy one, you should see how easy it is to fold and carry. If you have a really small trunk, some of the bigger strollers don't always fit. I have an Evenflo travel system (reusing it for my second child) and it fits great in my trunk, but we can't get the stroller in my dad's trunk. The travel system was great to me. The infant car seat is more comfy to your baby than you would think...just wait and see how often your baby falls asleep in the car seat. And another thing to think of, when you pick up your infant carseat to see how heavy it is, put 2 five pound bags of flour in it...that's about how heavy it will be when you are carrying your baby in it. Your baby will have frequent doctor's visits at first, and the stroller part is so much better than trying to carry the infant seat in a building, up a couple of floors...


Katharine - June 28

The convertible car seat we bought when my daughter grew out of her carrier will accomodate an infant, but the carrier is so much more convenient. So much easier just to leave baby in it when getting in and out of hte car. She slept in it several times, rather than waking her from a nap when we returned home. The new thing I have seen a lot of parents with now are these travel systems that are just a stoller base that the carrier straps onto. That looks like more of a pain than anything. At least we can still use our stroller for our 4-year-old. My only suggestion on the car seat carrier is to look at ones with an adjustable handle. Ours was a regular handle and it really killed my wrist. I wish I had gotten one with a twisty or perpendicular handle.



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