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Leahp - April 25

Hi ladies, I need some opinions!! I am a first time preggo and confused, my husband and I thought we would be fine with a jogger and a lightweight stroller, but my sister-in-law insists that the travel system combo is the way to go! But we just feel that it's bulky and not exactly something we'll use a whole lot. She brought up more that newborns need to be supported with a hard back and their heads need the support that the system offers, but I planned on carrying my baby in a sling most the time, not in a car seat, I would hate to haul that thing around all the time! I don't know what to think, she already bought it and when my hubby said that we're not sure if we need it, she got all defensive, we're very active and know that the jogger is more for us, we may only get a few months use out of this stroller and then it will go in the basement since the lightweight is more my league, plus I read that the combos are great for shopping, but I don't shop that much. I need some advice!


Maleficent - April 25

we got one with our last baby and i could have lived without it. i'm a sling mama too. i would bring the whole stroller mess with me then end up pushing it while i carried baby in the sling. as far as just stick the carseat in the shopping cart. i don't know about you, but i do most of my shopping while my husband is at work, so pushing a cart of groceries and dragging an (empty) stroller while trying to keep track of my 5 year old was like my own 3 ring circus. they are nice when your roaming the mall. it's nice to not have to move a sleeping baby from the stroller to the carseat. but i would have survived without it.


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - April 25

I can understand your dilema, they are very bulky!!! Having said that I loved mine for the time we used it. I did not use a sling and most of the moms I know who said they would didn't, but maybe you will. I loved the travel system because if baby is sleeping you don't have to wake baby to move him from the car to the stroller or even just in the house. Once we stopped using the carrier we got a l ightweight stroller. If you sister-n-law already bought it, just keep it and see if you like it, if not return it or sell it. good luck....


BBK - April 25

Been doing lots of research on gear, esp. strollers, and we're still confused about them. I did find out that the mountain buggy does have a car seat adapter, and has gotten the highest marks overall. People who have it say it's the only stroller you'll need.... so I'm leaning towards it.... here is a site that has reviews:


BBK - April 25

on the above link take out the dash after gaga and the one in the very end


hfhfikjds - April 25

It IS confusing isn't it?! Even when you've decided which is better, the travel system or the stroller, the choice out there is mind boggling! It's worse than buying a car! I didn't have a clue what to do, and since my mum was paying for it I let her pick. She opted for the travel system which looks bulky and unmanageable. I think my newborn will look lost in it, but I need a car seat so I was grateful. I think I will buy a stroller as well, as they are pretty cheap and alternate between them depending on there convenience.


t - April 25

i think the travel system is the best thing i ever used when i was a first time mom i like the idea of beinag able to see her as i was shopping in the mall or going for walks not my daughter is 2 and we just just the bottom part and it looks big but it folds right up with one hand


nhb - April 25

I agree w/ all posts--we had the travel system and I loved being able to switch him back and forth w/o waking, but now it's far too bulky, it takes up the whole trunk, and I can't stand it but I don't have any other one to use now, so we keep using this humongous thing. It's really up to you . . . and your baby :o) If your baby falls right back asleep anyway, I wouldn't get the system; just use the sling like you said and transport.


E - April 25

I did not use a travel system, although my infant seat can be attached to my stroller, if needed. I think it is quite simple to take my baby from his seat and transfer him to his stroller, which is far more comfortable than the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio infant seat that I purchased. I DO NOT recommend that infant seat. It is too small and it looks very uncomfortable.


E - April 25

I think it would be wise to purchase the cheap Kolkraft Snap n Go travel base, and to also have a stroller for walks. The snap n go runs around $40-$50. I think it is incredibly light-weight. I plan to purchase one soon as the infant seat can be heavy to carry in your arms.


BBK - April 25

Just an update on the much hyped bugaboo frog: "The stroller was so nice, they replaced it.... twice". It will be discontinued and replaced by the lightweight gecko and the "heavier" cameleon (that's right no h), which also comes in pink. Coming to you this summer..... so if you got your eyes set on a frog, get it while you still can.


Jbear - April 26

I used an Evenflo travel system. It was extremely useful, because I had a c-section and the sling was too painful at first, and the car seat was too heavy. A lot of the infant car seats are designed to fit on the baby seat in a shopping cart, but when you have the baby on the cart, it's easier for people to come up and touch the baby (my pet peeve). The umbrella stroller (at least the one I had) can't be used until the baby can sit up, and unless you're very pet_te, the handles are often too low for comfort. I'm 5'3" and I had to hunch over to push the umbrella stroller. My daughter is 3 and we still use the stroller part of the travel system, because it's high enough that she can't drag her feet on the ground like she could with the umbrella stroller. The only reason I bought an umbrella stroller is because my mom wanted one for when she babysat (once every six or so months).


Becca - April 26

When I have a baby I defiantly get the travel system. My niece just turned a year old. My niece's mother and I used the sling for the baby just a couple times. By the time they are a little over 6 months old you dont want to be trying to carry a baby that big around. They love looking around, and seeing things. They start to get heavy after a while. When we would go somewhere that had a shopping cart we would take me niece out (with her car seat) and stick her in the cart. Now shes a year old and we use the stroller ALOT more. She loves it. But remember its all what you think would work for you. They fold up with one hand, and alot of strollers will take up room in your trunk. So, think about what you think would be best for you. If someone you know has one, maybe you could use it before the baby comes maybe walk about the block, fold it up, pack it away. See how YOU like it.


Katharine - April 26

We had the travel system and umbrella stroller. I really missed the car seat once my daughter grew out of it. I wish I had one with the twisty handle, though, for wrist comfort. It was so convenient to just snap the seat into the stroller and go. I also enjoyed the flexibility of the seat at restaurants-many of our local ones had the high chairs that flip over to hold the car seat and Cracker Barrel has the wooden thing that connects to the chair to lock the car seat onto. The umbrella stroller is great now that our daughter is older and was also great when we went on vacation (flying, sight seeing, public transport, etc.), alhtough it didn't cut it on cobblestones : )


tiffani~ edd 11/07/05 - April 26

Sounds like you know what you want. A light weight stroller is a must, but if you get the $20.00 umbrella stroller, just be aware that they aren't suitable for infants, who aren't yet able to hold thier little heads up, and tend to slump down in them. A jogger seems like a good choice for you, especially since you guys are so active. I personally love the 3 in 1 travel system because of the convenience. If you go out to eat, the baby can go from car to restaurant, and back to car, all while sleeping, uniterrupted. It's also great for grocery shopping because they hook onto the shopping cart. My kids have taken many naps while I was shopping/eating, and I could imagine not having that convience when they were so little. After about 6 months, thats a whole different story. They are too big for the carrier, and the strollers aren't so hot because they don't lay completely flat (to allow for naps) or sit straight up (for the curious baby). I think you should graciously accept the gift from your sister and see what you think. If you don't get much use out of it, pa__s it along to a friend or sell it. BTW, my friend has a jogging stroller and raves about it. :o)



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