Traveling At End Of First Trimester I M Ok He S Not

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Shelley L. - December 5

Hello, I am expecting in September of 2006 and would like some of the ladies’ opinions on this. I will be traveling to Munich for business this February, right around the end of my first trimester. My ob-gyn has already told me that the flying and traveling should be safe. Still, a couple problems: My husband, wonderful man that he is, is VERY concerned about the baby’s and my well-being. He would love it if I cancelled the trip but understands that I am very devoted to taking care of myself and our child, our first, I should probably add. I have also traveled to Germany and several places abroad before, so it’s not like customs and culture shock are new or harmful things to me, which he knows. Still, he worries. How do I reassure him that everything will be OK for my nine-day trip? I’d be interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on flying during pregnancy. That brings me to my second source of trouble, which is that my personal phone’s plan does not allow for international calling. I could purchase international minutes but they are too overpriced IMO. My work phone has them, but I can’t really let my husband call me on the work line the whole time. Does anyone have a phone solution they like and does not cost an arm and a leg? Thanks, Sh__ley


Annette - December 5

I am 30 weeks pgnt and have traveled constantly since day 1 ( really, I actually got pregnant during a farewell, hehe), across US, Mexico and Europe by myself. I´ll be flying by myself again this week to spend the holidays with my family and flying back a month before my due date. I would say you will be fine! Your husband is right to be concerned; are you traveling all alone or with a friend/colleague that can look after you, just in case? About the phone... we have and IP line (Vonage) which allows us to call international for almost nothing, like München, which is 5 cents a minute, but I don´t know if you will be reachable at an office number or hotel. Another option might be renting a cel phone... I have never done it in Europe, so I don´t know how it would work...


*X* - December 5

If you'll be taking a laptop with you, download Skype ( If your husband will also have a computer at home with it installed, you can talk over the internet with it for free. If he doesn't, you can call him on a land line with it for only 1 cent/minute - you just have to prepay a certain amount of money onto your Skype account. My husband and I use it all the time, and it's great, though it's best if you use headphones instead of your computer's internal speakers (the speakers cause an echo). Alternatively, you can probably get a prepaid phone in Munich. I just recently moved back to the States after living in Munich for three years. This website (especially its forum) is the absolute 100% best resource on Munich that you'll ever find: Definitely check out the forum, because I guarantee that the people on there can answer any question you could ever have about the place - including about prepaid cellphones. You can also find information on that site on WiFi hotspots in Munich, so you can call your hubby from a cafe using their wireless connection and Skype. Enjoy!


*X* - December 5

I just thought I'd add that, if I recall correctly, that 1 cent/minute with Skype to a land line is actually in euro cents, not that it makes a difference. So that's around 1.2 US cents/minute.


Jamie - December 6

If you have Yahoo Messanger and a microphone, they now have a "call for free" feature - it even allows you to leave voicemail. That's how I talk to my family in the States most of the time. (I live near Frankfurt) I second the pre-paid phone idea, but international calls eat up minutes like you wouldn't believe. when I first got my phone, I bought €45, and it was gone after a 10 minute conversation with my mom. (It was a Saturday evening for me, Saturday morning for her)


mrs r - December 6

As someone who works on promotional tours, I can totally attest that flying and traveling while pregnant are very safe. Just make sure to have your doctor's and husband's numbers on speed dial. Speaking of calls, I traveled across the country once with an a__sistant who swore by her OneSuite phone account. They're good, plus they recently increased their coverage area so you can make very low calls while in Germany. I'm a little jealous BTW -- I loved being pregnant in Europe, people are very sweet.



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