Triple Screen

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Evie - March 29

h__lo ladies! Just wanted to get some opions/advice on whether or not to have this "Triple Screen". I've been reading some of the reasearch and apparently there is a high chance of a false positive, but a negavtive sure would be nice to hear.


Cat - March 29

I choose not to have it because if you get a positive, amnio is the next test to determine what if anything is wrong and I just couldnt do an amnio


Heidi - March 29

I'm doing a newer test that's an ultrasound done between 11 and 13 weeks. They measure the fluid or something in the baby's neck and a couple other things and it's more accurate than the triple screen my doc told me, plus it's done much much earlier in pregnancy.


tara - March 29

There is a high chance of false positives because they rate everyone. For example chances of downs might be 1/1824; spinal befia 1/1052 and so on. This would be considered a low risk which they will not do an amnio for because there is a 1/200 chance of amnio causing problems. It's a personal choice that you have to make. Basically you have to think would you want to know if there was something wrong with the baby, and if so would you keep it? If you would keep the baby no matter what, then there is no point in doing it unless you just want to be prepared in which case they will send you in for genetic counseling and so on. It is a stressful test because of course you want everything to be alright, but if you want to know it’s what you have to go through. When I did mine I tried to keep myself as busy as possible for the week while waiting for the results.


Billie - March 29

I also had the triple screen just to make sure that everything was ok. Even if the baby turned out not to be ok, at least I knew what I would be up against when the baby was born.


monica - March 29

I slo did the ultrasound done at 11-13 weeks. Because I had done this test I was not going to do the AFP test but my doctor convinced me and I did. It does have its good points and bad.If there was somthing wrong with the baby you can be prepared. They told me that if the AFP came back positive then the next step would be a level 2 ultrasound. Then if there were any issues with the U/S then they would offer the amnio. My AFP came back negatvie so now I am just praying for a healthy child.



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