Triple Test

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Jen - April 28

I am 26 years old and I turned down the triple test today. What are the chances of having a downs baby at my age? How many people took the test?


Amy - April 28

I am 24 years old. I also turned down the test. The chances for someone in our age category the chances are 1:1500. The test has too many false positive results. I don't want to be scared for nothing. I will love my baby regardless. So it was best for me not to have it done. Good luck Jen


Missy - April 28

I am 20 and I took the test - I think it is required in CA, or so I was told by a friend. Didn't question my doc about, thought it was just standard practice and the afternoon of the day I took my test I found out about all the false positives. I agree, I would love my baby regardless. The odds of someone in our age group having a downs baby are pretty slim. The test also tests for spina bifida and something else, and I would like to know if my baby was potentially sick. But for you Jen and Amy, I wouldn't worry - odds are that all of our babies will be fine!


Amy - April 28

I asked the same question in forum one day. I got a lot of responses from ladies who were in the same prediciment. I think you need to determine if it is worth it to you. To me it wasn't. I talked with a lady who had a false positive result and had to undergo all sorts of tests including amnio. She wished that she didn't do it. But I know you will make the decision that is best for you. Thanks Missy for your nice comments. I am glad that we can all be supportive of each other.


monica - April 29

Hi Missy I am from California too. But its not mandatory to take the test. I was not going to take it because I didnt want any stress. But I did and it came back fine. Sometimes its a good idea to take this test, just in case there is something wrong with the baby you can prepare mentally and the doctors can monitor you better. Sometimes you would have to deliver in a specialized hospital.


Dawn - June 14

Im 20 and I took the test and they called me yesterday and said it was positive. In a way I wish I wouldnt have had it bc I know the risks of false positives, but my best friend who is my age had it and it came back positive and it ended up her baby had a bunch of open defects and if she would have carried to term without knowing, it could have risked her health. But I go next week for more tests... so its gonna be a long week!


Jennifer W. - June 14

Dawn, good luck with the upcoming tests! I hope it all turns out well for you and your baby! Keep us updated.


Stacey - June 14

I am 33 years old. I took the test and it came back abnormal, showing possible NTD and Down Syndrome. I now have to go have a level 2 Ultrasound done to see if they can tell me now if my baby will have any of these problems. I have no intention of aborting this baby regardless of the result so after the ultrasound I will not test further. I only pray my child will be healthy. Has anyone ever had an abnormal result, if so can you tell me what happened and did you later have the Ultrasound? I have to wait until June 29 to have the level 2 ultrasound and I am very scared as to what this will show. Also I am overweight and I was told this could be a factor for a false positive result, also my age. Any info. please post. Thank you and good luck to all.



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