Trouble Finding Maternity Clothes

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denimbluez - December 2

plus sized that is. most of the stores that carry maternity clothing carry up to 16 or 18. i was in a 20 before i was pregnant, and am VERY tall. so i am hesitant to order online due to fear that it wont fit correctly. i hate the hassle of returning things that were ordered online. do any of you know a good chain store that carries plus size maternity clothes in the store?? i tried a few stores like lane bryant and even penny's and sears and no one seems to carry much. not to worried about tops, just jeans and pants. thanks in advance!!


austynsmommy - December 2

Do you have a ross in your area? You can get some really cute outfits their for cheaper than most places. Good luck


mjvdec01 - December 3

Have you tried Old Navy? go to oldnavy dot com. They carry +sizes in regular clothing so they probably do in maternity as well. Old Navy clothes normally fit very well and the return process is fairly easy, not to mention that the clothing is pretty affordable. Good luck!!! :0}


xvkx - December 3

Chances are your best choices are going to be online. I've had to order most of my stuff online and I wear regular sizes... maternity clothes just do not seem to be much of a focus for brick and mortar stores. Sizing shouldn't be too much of a problem... maternity clothes are sized according to your pre-pregnancy size and stretch to accommodate your size throughout your pregnancy. As far as jeans go you can go the sm/md/lg route or get more specific sizes (ex. size 16 long). Oh, and don't worry about getting that perfect fit as you would regular clothes... they're usually a bit baggy at first and then fill out (I don't know your body shape or how far along you are but basically I'm just saying don't worry if it's a bit loose at first ;)). Really the only stuff you should be returning are things that fit you now but may not later (no accommodation), that just don't fit you period now (bagginess is ok, falling off is not, lol), or are too short/too long (you're not going to gain or lose in those depts ;)). Chances are whatever you get will work for you though... I normally have a horrible time finding clothes that fit as well but maternity wear has been a snap.


jamiehslp - December 3

The best place that I have found for plus size maternity clothes is Motherhood Maternity (the one by me is in our mall) or you can go online to Motherhood dot com. they sell really cute clothes and comfy jeans that even come in tall (I am 5'7 and the regulars are good for me). I love this store and the prices aren't bad at all! Good Luck!!


denimbluez - December 4

thank you all sooo much for your responses. i really do appreciate it all!! i just found out there is a motherhood in my area and need to go check it out. i did find some nice jeans at cato that were in a plus size, but problem is i am uncomfortable wearing a belt, and they are just falling off. i am in my 20th week by the way. they fit, and are comfy as far as the fit, not too baggy, but they just wont stay on :o( so i really need some elastic. i guess i'll have to bite the bullet and try and order online. i saw that lane bryant has some plus size maternity clothes. thanks again everyone!!


mjvdec01 - December 4

denimbluez, do a search for pregnancy suspenders, they make them I just can't remember what they are called. they attach to the band of your bra and the waist band of your pants. I hear they work very well. I used ask dot com.



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