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Angie8853 - February 1

All these myths every pregnant women hears over and over again. Dont change kitty boxes? Dont eat deer meat? Dont eat honey? etc. I'm sure you ladies have more. I want to know all of them that are the true ones. I'm asking because im scared to have a miscarriage it doesnt run in my family or anything its just a really big fear ive been having plus a nightmare ive been having for a while so I really want to make sure I dont eat/drink/or do anything that will hurt my little baby. -Angie ps- I'm due August 25. I'm 10 weeks and 5days.


ashleyb0827 - February 1

well. the cat liter one is true. some sort of disease you can get from it. but i've had deer meat while pregnant ... i didn't even know that WAS a myth. Haha. & i've had honey too ... i didn't know that was a myth either. so ... ???


Mommy1 - February 1

I hear not to eat pineapple early in your pregnancy...I ate it for the first 4 weeks, I was in the Dominican and that's all I could stomache there (didn't find out that I wasn't suposed to eat it til I returned)??? Who knows? As for the honey and deer meat - I've been eating them too. I would like to hear more about the wives tales though...


kristie h - February 1

From what i know pinapple has egestrone in it? I think it can make your uterus contract. Ask the ladies on the signs of pregnancy about that one they know alot about it.


tryin44 - February 1

I ate TONS of pineapple through my entire pregnancy. When I heard that is was a good thing to get labor going I swear I ate a whole pineapple a day. Did nothing. I was induced.


Angie8853 - February 2

-I know the kitty box one is ture too. -The deer meat I really dont know but we have family members that hunt and everything they said not to eat it because of what wild deers eat it could cause you problems etc. -The honey one I really dont know. My mother in law told me that the other day tho. - Ive never heared about pineapple for sure. But yet this is my first pregnancy. But I really dont eat pineapple so yeah..! What other myths or wives tales to you all ladies know?


momma3tobe - February 2

Kitty litter can cause Toxoplasmosis Deli meats can contain Listeria (if not heated before eating) Honey contains spores (I have only heard not to give it to children under 2 but I guess a fetus would count too) Liver has a high concentration of vitamin A and should be eaten sparingly Tuna and shellfish could contain mercury and should be eaten sparingly. Wash all your veggies well, they can also contain Toxoplasmosis Soft cheeses also can contain listeria No more than 300 mg of caffiene That's all I know


Angie8853 - February 3

Well I love tuna fish sammichs but I dont know about eatting liver thats just going to have to stay off the list for me. Pregnant women have to really watch what they eat!! I dont know anymore myths or anything. Do you girls have any tips ?? Is it okay if you miss taking your pernatiel pill?


starlight_94 - February 3

Ok from what I know, any deli meats(ham, turkey, pepperoni....) should be avoided b/c they can carry a virus, but you can eat them HEATED...(toasted) also tuna and salmon have Mercury in them so it is not recommended that you eat them. Pinapple can caause contractions but I ate it also. Caffine should be cut back on to one cup a day or one pop a day.( I dont recommend cutting it completely b/c it causes MAJOR withdrawl symptoms...YUCK) As for the prenatal vitamins, the first trimester is MOST important, thats when all the major organs develop. If you get sick from them you can take flinstones kids vitamins, I took 3 a day during first trimester. i just made it routine to take them before I brushed my teeth so that I would remember, although at 38 weeks I have to say I slacked off the past trimester.... :0( Hope this helps a little, There is a list of foods in the "what to expect when expecting book" that is really good and explains why you need to avoid certain things....the book is only $12 at walmart....happy pregnancy!


squished - February 3

The pineapple thing is true about causing contractions if you eat 2-3 WHOLE pineapples a DAY. Just a normal serving of pineapple isn't going to do any harm and hey, it's one of your fruit servings :)


Angie8853 - February 4

When you girls say you can't eat deli meats such as turkey , ham , pepperoni etc. question A. What if you already have but it was lunch meat stuff ? I'm worried now that i might be harming my wittle fetus. =[!!!


Diva647 - February 4

I've never heard don't eat deli meat. I knew a girl that survived her whole pregnancy on turkey sandwiches. I think if you're not smoking, or around anyone who is, not drinking or otherwise partying & only take tylenol for pain(did you know you can't take asprin or ibuprofen?) & avoid 3rd world countries your wittle fetus will be just awesome!


DownbutnotOUT - February 5

I know the kitty litter is a big "no no" and the same with eating deli meats and unpasterized cheese. When I was preggres with my 1st I ate dear meat, moose meat, quail, and many more types and nothing happened. Also with my 3rd pregnancy peanut b___ter and honey sandwhiches were my addiction, once again healthy baby.


zerfowski05 - February 5

I'm a veterinary technician at a ER so i have my hands in all kinds of bad stuff. When you get your blood test at your first screening let them know you have cats and ask for a toxoplasmosis screening. I know it sounds horrible but it's really not. It's something that we get from changing the cat boxes or even playing in contaminated sandboxes ( one giant litter boxes to kitties!) The thing is, usually we are exposed to it early on and our body builds up anti bodies towards it but we will always be carriers. It won't hurt the baby or yourself. The thing is that lately we are finding more and more people aren't carrying toxo. We just had 3 people where I work including a doctor all test NEG for toxoplasmosis and we all deal with some pretty nasty cats. So just wear gloves and maybe even a mask when you clean the litter box, wash your hands, and have a screening. that's all I know. This is my first pregnancy and I'm about 7 wks. Congrats and good luck! - February 7

angie, about the lunch meat thing...we shop at sam's club and i had the biggest craving for salami (i've always loved it anyway) so i swear i ate half the sam's club salami package in a week. i would make salami sandwiches with 6 pc. of salami on it and just eat the hell out of it!!! i was in my glorry. then one day while waiting in the dr. office, i read an article about foods pregnant woman shouldn't eat....guess what was on that list....? FREAKIN SALAMI! i was freaking out! so as soon as i saw the dr. i asked him...and of course he told me not to eat it cause of the bacteria....bla bla bla, but he also said not to worry about anything i had already eaten, just not to do it anymore! so here i am, forbidden to eat the one thing i love... its okay though. just ask your dr. and he should be able to tell you what to stay away from and what to have in moderation!!!


Angie8853 - February 11

Dear Diva647, I dont smoke but i live with three people that do smoke but they try to avoid smoking around me and when the babies born there going to start smoking outside (thank god)!! I dont drink neither. Angie.


Angie8853 - February 11

Dear zerfowski05, Thank you hun for the avoice but I dont change the cat box. Never have and I dont plain on starting now. Even if I wanted to my mom wouldnt let me. Angie.



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