True Or Flase

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Angie8853 - February 11

Dear zerfowski05, Thank you hun for the avoice but I dont change the cat box. Never have and I dont plain on starting now. Even if I wanted to my mom wouldnt let me. Angie.


Angie8853 - February 11

Dear, I'm sorry about the no more salami. I just like to eat turkey sandwitchs and stuff. I still eat pretty good tho atleast I think so a doctor probably wouldnt think so. well im off to bed its only 1am but feels like 5am. Angie


DownbutnotOUT - February 11

Angie if I was you I would tell your roomies to start smoking outside NOW!! second hand smoke is worse than you smoking yourself and I dont even want to imagine what you and your baby have been breathing. you have to put your foot down second hand smoke is dangerous.


Angie8853 - February 11

Dear DownbutnotOUT, Hun I can't do that i live with my parents and they are trying to make a roof over the back porch so they can smoke outside. They are trying. Angie


nate11 - February 12

So wait....ive heard different things.......can a pregnant woman eat deer meat or is it not safe at all. Cause my pappaw cooks some mean deer meat stew and roast and spaghetti and i havent invited my fiance to dinner just because i thought that she wasnt alowed to eat the deer meat. So can she or can she not? lol


Angie8853 - February 15

Dear nate11, I am 3months pregnant. My dad made his homemade chill with deer meat and the day before he did my mother in law said i couldnt eat deer meat and I called and asked my aunt because her brother in law hunts and she said its not good to eat it because wild deer eat pretty much of anything and something the deer ate might not be good for the baby. So I didnt eat any of the chill that night. =[ Might be best for her to not eat. Doesn't mean you can't invite her over just make her something different to eat or something else. Angie


nate11 - February 16

ok thanks Angie...well i have invited her over before when my pappaw or sister was going to fix regular spaghetti just for her but she still hasnt been able to come over to dinner with us because shes been sick just about everytime ive invited her but i guess she has a good reason to be gettin sick all the time lol


nate11 - February 16

Oh and i should mention that if i ask her more then once to come eat with us...she gets mad at i cant wait till the baby pops out


nate11 - February 16

oh and Angie were not to far away from you.we are due August 22 good luck with your pregnancy


Angie8853 - March 1

Dear Nate, Im sure it will pa__s. My first 2 months i was pretty much a mean person. I dont like meat very much myself right now. It makes me sick. Any type of meat to be for real. So it might be for her too. Umm but i really couldnt tell you. I could just say have her come over to watch a movie or something and then stay for dinner but dont tell her about the dinner part. lol. thats mean i know but i dont know what else to tell you hun. Yeah im due August 25 but the baby will come when he or she gets darn good ready too. My furture husbands family and mine just can't wait for my baby to pop out. Angie


Bridget - March 2

More stuff you can't eat: sushi (which killed me) it's because of a listeria virus, I think, that you can get from raw fish.I kept wondering what Japanese women eat when they're preggo. Also, any aged cheese like blue cheese or brie cheese which also killed me because I'd been eating it every day. The deli meats and hotdogs (I cheated once) is because of the nitrates. The second hand smoke thing is true and I'm sure your parents are trying and that's really cool. But if you can, try even now to leave the room or even go outside to get away from the smoke. I'm not saying this to nag or tick you off, it's just that it is harmfull, too.


nicole12 - March 2

I'm not sure about you eating the honey, but i was told that giving it to your child before a certain age can kill them, my son is 20 months and still don't give it to him, and that info came from my dr.



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