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aniel - January 5

h__lo guyz!!!im aniel, 24, a new comer here & this is my first question.(ope you are all generous to answer mine ) :) & my husband were really trying to have a last period started dec7 & on dec 13,15,17...up to now, we had an every other day intercourse as what i have read in one article that having every other day s_x will increase your chance of conceiving...i suppose to have my period tomorrow (jan6 or 7) as i have a regular 30 day question is, what are my chances of getting pregnant now? even if i have cramps ryt now feels lyk il be having my period..i dont want to jump into conclusion that i cud be possibly be pregnant cuz i dont want to be upset if the result would it be negative...pls help me, im really confused ryt now...thanks!


Jbear - January 5

Most young couples get pregnant within the first six months that they try. Don't get discouraged if it takes a couple of months. The beginning of pregnancy does feel like a period is about to start, though.


jb - January 5

It certainly is possible, but the only way to know for sure is by taking a test. Hopefully you will miss your period and then you can take the test. By the way you wrote your question, I am under the impression that this is the first time you are "trying" to conceive. If that is true, don't worry if your test comes out negative. It's early in the game. Besides, practice makes perfect, right?!?!!!


Ashley - January 5

Hi good luck I hope you get a positive. Your chances are good. Another good tip is to put a pillow under your hips after s_x and stay in that position before getting up to pee or anything for a half hour. It worked for me 1st month ttc I was pregnant!


aniel - January 5

hi! thanks jbear, jb & Ashley for your answers.....anyways, as jb's question to me, this is our 1st month of trying an every other day intercourse so im keeping my fingers crossed that it will have a positive come out...:) my crampings are mild & as of now, i haven't feel any cramping...i have big, tender & sore b___sts...tingly nipples that is very snsitive to touch...increase in salivation...are this also a sign of pregnancy? if i dont still have my period (that supposed to begin now or tom. jan 7) when will i used a home pregnancy test? thanks again for your answers! godbless!


Drew - January 5

Aniel, if this isn't your month, I strongly suggest buying a basil body temerature thermometer, and learn about charting your temps. is an awsome resource for women ttc, although it does cost some. You can chart your daily temps, and it will help you figure out your most fertle time of the month. You can also chart things like cervical mucas, and just basic signs your body gives you. You can also google for more helpful ttc sites and tips. It's kinda confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it it's really easy. Good luck to you, hope you get your bfp soon!!!



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