Trying For Baby Boy

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shweta sharma - May 16

hi , i have 2 1/2 half baby daughter now we r trying for a baby boy so we can have a complete we r going by chinese calender so i wanna know is that correct method to try. i m 29 and palnning inmay or june.


Coree - May 16

shweta sharma, I am also trying for a boy. I am using the shettles method though. I have three girls, good luck to you. I don't know much about the chinese calander.


LaLa - May 16

Coree-what is the Shettles method? I am trying for the baby girl.:o)


shweta - May 16

thanx for replying coree......where can i know about this shettles method?


monica - May 16

everyones version of a complete family is different. To shweta sharman its to have one of each and that would make "her complete family" To me just having two kids regardless of the gender would be a complete family.


Coree - May 16

You can buy a book called How to choose the s_x of your baby by Dr. Landrum B. Shettles and David M. Rorvik. People have used this method sonce the 70's. My mom used it for a girl and got one. The book talks alot about ovulation and when is the right time to try for either a boy or a girl. If anyone wants me to explain it further I can latter. I also don't think this is playing god. I also believe that all everyone really wants is a healthy baby.


monica - May 16

coree, please explain... I am curious.


coree - May 18

Welll for a girl they say that you should have s_x 5-2 days before ovulation. They say the girl sperm is slower but last longer. You should not have s_x after the 2 days is over. For a boy you want to have s_x 1 to 12 hours before ovulation. They boy sperm are faster but do not live as long. For a girl you should use the mission position, and for a boy it should occure fron behind. If you want to try this method you should get the book. I am just trying it for fun, if it does not work and I get another girl that is fine with me, all I really care about is having another healthy baby. I hope this helps some of you, if you have anymore questions feel free to ask.


shweta - May 18

yeah ! i want a healthy baby ofcourse . i had a girl before and i was very happy because i love girls but second time i am just curious that if i can plan and have a baby boy then why not give a try. coree, thanx very much for advise i bought the book and i try to concieve on that particular day of mine according to the ovaluation calender.



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