Trying To Conceive With An Irregular Cycle

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Tiffany814 - January 26

Hi everyone! I'm 26 and my husband and I have just started to try to conceive on Jan. 19. Ever since I started getting my period, I've been irregular. In high school I would sometimes go 9 to 12 months without getting my period. I went to a fertility specialist when I was about 18 or 19 who diagnosed me with polycystic ovarian syndrome. She put me on medication that messed me up more than ever so I stopped and went to another doctor who told me I do not have the above condition and that I do ovulate, I'm just irregular. In my 20's I became a little more regular, and now I will get my period about every other month. In Oct/Nov I started taking a prescription prenatal vitamin which is awesome! I think it's the reason my periods have been coming more regularly lately. When I do get my period, its normal, lasts about a week or so. Now, because I'm so irregular I'm scared that we will have a hard time conceiving. When I talked to my sister-in-law she told me to start trying on the 9th day after my period began. Which I did- that was the 19th. Now, my husband and I have been trying just about every day. When should I take a pregnancy test? I was thinking February 3rd. That will be 23 days after my last period. Is that too soon to test for someone like me who is so irregular? I know you can't be impatient when trying to conceive and I'm trying to take everything in stride, but it's difficult because we want this so badly. I guess what I'm looking for is some reassurance from others and maybe someone who is in a similar situation as I am. I need advice on what to do, when to try, if I should purchase a fertility monitor or just try naturally without anything for a while? Thank you everyone!!


jennifer28 - January 26

Tiffany Im VERY irregular also. I was fine until about 4 yrs ago and then I would not get my period for months. I was once told I was going thru menopause, thank goodness I got a 2nd opinion and Im not. Are you on any kind of meds to regulate your periods? Did they ever give you anything to make you have a period? I have to take Provera so I will have a period, also this was my first month on Clomid. I would try temping and see what happens. Sorry for all the trouble you have had, Ive been there too. Hang in there!


Tiffany814 - January 26

Hi Jennifer! Yes, when I was younger I was put on progesterone (I think) to bring on my period and at that time since I was not trying to get pregnant, my 'fertility specialist' put me on the pill to regulate my cycle. It worked, but I never felt myself on the pill. I had several bad experiences on several different brands, so I stopped. I was never on the pill for more than a few months. I haven't been on the pill for over 2 years. But then when I went to see the new doctor when I was about 20 or 21, she told me that some women are just irregular and not to worry too much since I do get my period and I do ovulate. She made me feel at ease about it. But I still worry, ya know? Who's right? Now that we are aggressively trying to have a baby, I worry a lot about it. Now is Provera a form or progesterone? And what is Clomid? Sorry for the questions, I'm just unfamiliar with these drugs. I do get my period on my own now. And like I said (maybe its in my head) but since I've been taking pre natal vitamins, in the last 3 months or so, I've been more regular than I've ever been. Thanks for your advice, I appreciate it...hopefully I'll have good news soon!!


Christophers-DawnC - January 26

HI! I was in the same boat. Go to the post on irregular period and read my comment to her. ALL I CAN SAY IS BE PATIENT It will happen when its meant to. It seem like the harder you try , the worse it gets GOOD LUCK


Jade - January 26

Hi Tiffany. After I went off the pill to try to conceive, I found that my period came every two months or so. Not predicatable at all. I found it very helpful to track my CM, so when it got clear and watery, I knew I was close to ovulation. And sure enough, 14 days after my peak, I would get my period. My doc said that no matter how messed up your cycle, you will always get your period about 14 days after ovulating. In Dec, I also got some ovulation detectors, so when my CM got watery again, I started to monitor myself with ovulation predictors. And voila! I am now pregant. Good Luck!


newmom24 - January 26

Hi ladies I want to share my story with you- I will keep it short as possible. I too had irregular cycles since the beginning. I am 24 years old and 24 weeks pregnant. My hubby and I were trying and we lucked out. We honestly did not think it was in the cards for us. I have medical problems due to an eating disorder, and he is in his early 40's, with a low sperm count. We got lucky on August 20th 2005- and we are expecting May 14, 2006. It is a boy !!! What I did was track my temperatures, and kept track of my cycles. They were every 37- 41 days, so we played with the days I would be theoretically ovulating. Some months I did not, some I did. I also tried to not stress about it too, but I know I did. Just enjoy each other, narrow out any health problems. That is my advice. We were trying to conceive for just under 6 months. It does happen ladies. Good luck to you all.


pollyperk - January 28

I totally understand how you feel. My hubby and I are trying to conceive our 2nd child and I am getting sooooo anxious. I also have had irregular periods my whole life, except while on BCP's of course. I actually went off BCP's Oct 29th and I have only had 1 period. I don't even think that I ovulated that cycle. I think that it was "break through bleeding" . We conceived our son in 3 months, but I hadn't taken BCP's prior to that. I was pretty surprised that it happened that quickly. I know that for some women just coming off BCP's don't have a period/ovulate for a few months. As far as fertility monitors/ovulation predictors go..I am torn. I actually bought that easy read ovulation predictor by ClearBlue Easy. It has the circle and smiley face results. I got a positive LH surge on Dec 31st. I was so excited. I still have had no period. I have taken atleast 6 PG tests and all negative. I feel like I am going crazy. I have no period and I'm not pregnant. I have an appt. to see my doc Feb 7th. They offered to give me a blood test. It is so nice to know that other women out there are going through the same feelings and emotions that I am. Good Luck to you All!!


nicky - January 28

Tiffany814- I am really irregular I can go anywhere from 30 days to 53 days(last month) between cycles. I was worried about when I ovulated and all, but it happened. I tested this morning and it was positive, so keep trying it'll happen.



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