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pooopopo - June 2

Hi, I got married 2.6 years back. I had fear about the s_x. That's the reason I didn't have s_x up to 6 months after the marriage. Then later on I am trying to get pregnant from past 2 years(Leaving some months without planning due to UTI). But until now I never got conceived. Upto now we never used any birth control pills or condoms. I visited doctor they examined me and my husband and told that we are perfectly normal. I am 27 years old woman. I tried using ovulation kit. But nothing is working. I am so worried as I am nearing to 30. Could some one let me know if there are anyways to pregnant easily or if I am doing something wrong?


Lily - June 2

I've been trying to get pregnant for the past 9 months, and nothing has happened and the doctors say everything is fine and there's no problems and I should be able to concieve. But for 9 months of planning and following my fertile/ovulation cycle, Still, nothing has happened. There are a couple things you can do that I haven't tried just yet. One of my friends had been trying also for a little over a year and she went online and bought this pill called Fertility Blend for about $27.99 and she got pregnant within a week and a half. But added to that was this pill for her husband called Volume pills which are very expensive($65.00)but they increased his sperm volume by like 500%. Good Luck to you.


Melissa - June 2

Hi there, well like you i too was tring to get pregnant, but for the second time. I had a coil in for 2 years after my first child and had it removed a year and a half ago. Every month i tried to get pragnant but it failed and i didnt know why? I thought that the coil had made me somehow infertile! So after a year of stressing out, a friend told me to go on the pill.(take it for 2 months and then stop). And bobs your uncle, i fell pregnant straight away. We had s_x every 2-3 days from about 7 days after my first day of period. ovulation starts about 10-14 days depending on frequency of your periods and sperm can live for up to 2-3 days inside. Its only a suggestion it worked for me and im now gone 3 months. Give it a go its not expensive and if your like me youd try anything once.Wish you all the best.



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