Trying To Get Pregnant After Miscarriage

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Pallavi - August 27

I am 32.I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks on 26th May.This was my first pregnancy.My clock is ticking away and I do not want to wait.The doc says to wait for atleast 3 mnths,which I do not have the patience for.Is it ok if I get preg before that.What bad effect would it have,if any ?


Jess - July 16

I think the reason why your doctor suggested that you wait the three months is to give your hormones a chance to return to their "pre-pregnancy" levels before trying to conceive again. But I do understand the biological clock - I am 30 and feeling the same way.


Simmy - July 17

I'm 32 and had a miscarriage after 7 weeks. My doctor told us to wait at least 3 months to start "trying" again to give my body a chance to recouperate. She also said though that if if happened before then that it wasnt life threatening since the pregnancy was so early. We conceived again about 2 1/2 months later and things are going great this time-I'm now 4 months. So chin up, don't get discouraged.


Jen - August 16

I am 23 and I had a miscarriage a 7 weeks on 08-12 on my boyfriends birthday, it was devastating. I have heard conflicting opnions about when to try again one period or three.


s- - August 16

I am 25 and had a healthy son when i was 18 and then had a miscarriage last september and then another on july 16. i am already 4 weeks pregnant and the doc is not concerned =)


MIDGE - August 21

I didnt wait to get pregnant following my miscarraige and am now on my 27th week of a very healthy pregnancy.


Kim - August 23

Only thing you have to wait for is your hcg to diminish from miscarriage. Once it does, you should begin to ovulate again. My doc said no harm in trying, it's more of an emotional rollercoaster rather than harming yourself or baby. It took me about 3 months to return to normal, I am now pregnant. It will happen if you keep trying!


Hope - August 26

Pallavi- My girlfriend was four months pregnant and miscarried however, she got pregnant again right away (she had her first period after the miscarriage and then began trying again). She got pregnant the first time trying after the miscarriage and ended up having healthy twins in July. I think they want you to wait to allow your hormones to level out that way if you do become pregnant they can verify that an HCG level is present because of an new pregnancy and not due to an old one. I understand the clock ticking- I am 33 and still trying to get pregnant. Good luck!


Amy - August 27

I had a miscarriage back on June 26th, I cried for several weeks than tried again after my period ending in July and I'm now 4 weeks pregnant again. Keep on trying God's on your side.


Liezl - September 17

I'm 29 and had miscarriage on July 16th but the following month I missed my MP so I did a home PT during the last week of August but on the 1st of September I started bleeding. I lost it again. My Doctor said wait for at least 3 regular Menstration Period to let my body recup esp my uterus. You still have time. It's worth it being patience that taking the risk of losing again. GOD BLESS!


Stephanie - September 22

I had a miscarriage almost 2 weeks ago.As soon as my husband and I could, we started having s_x again. Now I am concerned that I may be pregnant again. My Doctor told me that I could try after my next regular period. So if I am I am pregnant I hope that all is well and that I will not lose this baby. I lost the first one at 5 weeks and I do not think that I can go through that again. Thankfully I am blessed with a 71/2 year old!


vonda - September 22

after having a miscarriage it is having a baby, you have to let your body heal, it is just like being in a danger zone. I am sorry you all suffered a miscarriage. I did to, I know the pain. May God be with us.


L - September 22

I completely understand. I am 33 & lost my first pregnancy/baby at 5 wks which was just 2 1/2 wks ago. I am terrified to try again. I don't want to lose another baby.


Steph - September 24

I had a miscarriage last Tuesday,9/14/04. I had a D &C since things were not happening on their own. The baby was developed to 8 weeks 5 days, but I did not know until 12 weeks. My husband and I tried to have a baby for a year on our own, saw a horrible fertility specialist for 6 months,and then found a good one and got pregnant within 2 months of seeing him. We were diagnosed with "unexplained infertility" since we had all tests done and are healthy and young. My ob and my specialist said as long as my hormone levels are back to normal when my next period starts we can begin trying again. Chances for a second miscarriage are no greater than before and they say most likely the next pregnancy will be fine. Ask you doctor if he can't check your levels when your period starts to see if they are back to pre-pregnancy levels. Everything I have read online and both of my doctors have said if we are ready and my levels are back to normal at the start of my 1st period after miscarriage we can try again.


Anoin - September 26

i had my miscarrige at 11 weeks and was told to wait at least 3 months. however i waited well over a year then had a baby boy!


mommyinwanting - September 28

i had a misscarriage on sep 23rd and plan on trying as soon as possible. . i was 12 weeks pregnant when this happened both my partner and i were and still are devistated and cannot wait until we get pregnant again my doctor said alothough it is recommended to wait... if i can concieve now it would be no different in chance of carry full term now as opposed to in three months....


M - September 28

I, too, lost my baby 2 and a half weeks ago. I was 5 weeks. I am 33. My doctor did not tell me I needed to wait at all. So we are trying again right now. Trying is the only thing keeping me sane. It was so devastating. My husband and I chose to begin TTC immediately so maybe we would be able to move on. Good luck!



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