Trying To Quit Pot After 10 Years Ttc Now

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annali - April 25

First I want to say, that I have read a lot of threads on the topic of pot and pregnancy on this site and am not looking for anyone to tell me if smoking pot is OK or not. I know it is not- for ME. Maybe for others, but not for me. The problem is that I am such a chronic smioker that I am scared I wont be able to do it. If you are a pot smoker or ex pot smoker, share your stories here. I have been ttc for 1 month and need to quit. It is SO HARD! help me on this one.....


venus_in_scorpio - April 25

annali - I am lucky - I haven't smoked weed in a few years. However, i had issues with quitting cigarettes when I got pregnant. It's hard because you hear so many people say "well, I did it and my kid is fine" and also you have the books and the republicans saying "POT MADE MY BABY COME OUT GREEN AND MISSING INTERNAL ORGANS" and all of that jazz (obviously an exaggeration.) My advice is go with how you feel... maybe your guilt will help you quit thats how I am quitting cigarettes. I am now on my 2nd day without - after 5 weeks of cutting down. If not, seriously talk to your doctor. They can provide the best advice and treatment if they know EVERYTHING and most won't judge you, either. Support groups can really help too even if they're online ones. Definitely, talking to other people helps so much. Try not to beat yourself up over it either. Focus on how good you're doing by cutting down, rather than that you have been bad today... that was the best advice my mom gave me about quitting cigarettes. Best of luck to you. :o)


maren - April 25

I say if this is really what you want to do, if its not working for you to quit on your own see a doctor about it or go to a clinic. They have helped many people and there is no reason they cant help you if you want it


alexandra33 - April 25

To venus and maren-Thanks for the advice. I have an appt woth a doctor about it this coming monday. maren- are u a smoker/ ex-pothead? what is your ttc story? Annali


divinelibra - April 25

i had drug probs a while back. i got put in jail and got probation for a year. i smoked bud for about 5 years, but was SO scared to go back to jail by failing a p__s test i stopped. it WAS NOT EASY!!! i slipped a few times during that year but for the most part i did it. when i got off probation i started smoking again, but only a few times a month. eventually i cut back to maybe 3/4 times once every 2-3 months. i went back to college and got a job and that got my mind off it. i still smoked every now and then mostly for pain during my menstral cycles but stopped when i found out i was prego. i still have a J in freezer. lol. but i really don't get the urge any more. my problem now is the cigarettes. i don't know how i'm going stop. so i'm right there with ya annali!


pania - April 26

Hi annali, congratulations on your pregnancy and your decision to have a drug free pregnancy!!! A book that 100% helped me to give up is Dr Allens easyway to give up smoking. I know this book is for tabacco, but it worked for me and many of my friends.... so if all else fails, it wont hurt to give it a try. Good Luck!!


Ducky - April 26

I did it a lot. I asked my doctor about it and he said that there is no proof that it really hurts your baby, the only changes HARDLY noticable had to do with low birth weight. My baby weighed 7lbs. I'm not telling you that you should keep smoking....Just that it didn't hurt me or my healthy 2 month old.


mommatx - May 3

I used to smoke a lot years ago, so I understand where you are coming from. But lucky for you, marijuana is not physically addictive. A pshychological addiction is not easy to overcome either, but at least you wont get sick trying to quit. When I quit smoking my thought process really cleared up, and my memory improved. I never thought about those things when I was a smoker. I read the other day that marijuana use while pregnant often causes your newborn to be irritable and restless and leads to cases of adhd. Granted, no one REALLY knows the effects. However, I dont want my children around it when they are born, so I definately dont want to expose them to it in utero. I sincerely wish you the best of luck, I'm sure you've heard all of those things already. But really, you can do it.


Crys22 - May 4

Hey annali I wanted to tell you that I was a heavy, heavy pot smoker. Everyday before work, on break, and afterwork, and from then until bedtime. I figured hey I'm a fulltime college student, I have a fulltime job and no chidren why can't I be a pothead. I just kept saying when I get pregnant I'll stop but then I kept wondering can I stop? Will I be able to give up something that I have been doing for 8 years on a steady basis? We'll the day I found out I was pregnant Jan 19, 2006 I completely stopped. COMPLETELY!!!! I didn't think twice about it because this is my child, it's not addicting and you can stop when you want, you just have to really want to do it. Also my boyfriend of 9 years still smokes just as much as we used to, outside of course but I know what he is doing out there and I don't even think twice about it. Now after, long after I might continue but as for now It's over!!!


Krista - May 4

I've never smoked pot...but I'm sure it's addictive. I feel for you and hope that you can quit for yourself and your future baby....I do feel STRONGLY that you shouldn't be ttc until you're ALREADY quit. maybe use that as your goal or reward for quitting...something you're quitting for. You're going to quit so you can have a baby. Good luck!



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