dez - April 22

I'm 42 and ttc, any advice?


minx - April 22

get a guy, have s_x while youre fertile, no result in a month? go get checked or get help from fertility experts.No guy in the horizon? Check out sperm donors. And do all these not a day too late. You dont wanna be 60 and raising a 15 or so yr.old.


Hi Dez - April 23

I think a romantic evening may be in order here. I would take him to a nice restaurant dressed the way he likes you and then pay for it yourself. Have a gla__s or two of wine. After getting home, have some more wine and go put on something really s_xy underneath a long robe or something. After a few gla__ses of wine, treat him to some slow kisses with your body up really close next to his. Don't go too fast as some teasing will perk up his interest. Let him find those s_xy clothes under your robe all by himself. Once he see them, he'll be putty in your hands. Of course, things will have a better chance of success if you do this in the middle of your cycle. One more thing, one he gets up to the plate, you play on top and stay on top until he's done and stay there a while after he is done while kissing him long and slow. Hold his face between both your hands and make sure he doesn't go anywhere! I think you should have good news soon after this. Good luck!


minx - April 23

wow all the hard work :). you didnt say if you have a guy or partner. not enough info in your question , so read the first message.besides you are 42 -- what's the delay?


fernanda - April 23

IF you have a tilted uterus - when you the right time comes and after s_x lie on your TUMMY instead of on your back raising your hips. It worked for me after doing the opposite for so many months!....GL :)!


hello ladies! - April 24

plenty of s_x! minx do you really think someone needs help from fertility experts after just one month of ttc? coz it can take longer than that,many women on here are proof of that,and also i dont think its our business as to why dez is ttc at 42!! good luck dez.


minx - April 24

to 'hello ladies': yes, it is advisable for her to seek professional help in conceiving coz her eggs are not that young anymore and would be harder for her to conceive as she doesnt ovulate as often as anyone younger. also, any delay would only equal to later date of having a baby (IF she could tho at this time there is no guarantee-- depending on her situation). if she was in her 20's , yes she has time. in her late 30's? yes, but barely catching up. at 42? she'd be lucky if the fertility experts could still get healthy eggs to use.


....... - April 24

Wasn't there a woman in her 60's somewhere in Italy who recently gave birth to a daughter with the aid of medical science? I'd just like to say to Dez that my ex-boyfriend's mom had him in her forties. This was before they really had any treatment for infertility, and she had no problems conceiving. It does get harder to conceive in your 40's but it is possible. It's best to stay positive. Take regular exercise, eat a balanced diet (try to avoid processed foods) and quit smoking and drinking (if you do). Have lots of s_x mid cycle (obviously) and stay lying down for a while after s_x. It's right that you should seek help earlier than younger women though. Time is of the essence! GL!



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