TTC Amp Discouraged Could Use Some Advice

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cassandralynn - July 19

I was on the pill for almost 4 years. I went off it in june and have been off it for over a month now. Every woman's body is different, some women get pregnant right away, some it takes years. I had my last period June 14th and when July 16th rolled around I was so excited. I was feeling sick to my stomach, had severe cramping, my nipples were darkened and sore, i was dizzy and lightheaded, heightened sense of smell, lower back pain. I was almost positive that I was pregnant. My periods are usually like clockwork & i never get cramps or feel any different when i'm about to get my period. So I ran out and bought all these HPT but they all came back negative. I went and had a blood test done and it was also negative. I was feeling really discouraged because my body was screaming at the top of its lungs that I was pregnant but all the tests were negative. Then last night I got my period. I cried in the shower but atleast I know now that my body is not all out of whack from the BCP and i will now know when i ovulate and that i def. am, so we'll keep trying. But my hormones are out of whack. I'm so irritable and not like myself at all. Everytime I see a newborn, an infant, even a toddler, whether it's on tv or in public, it takes all I have not to literally break down emotionally. Almost every single girl I know is either just finding out they are pregnant or about to have their baby. I don't understand why these girls who don't even want children, who got pregnant by accident, are able to get preg. so easily while I'm struggling. Now I know that these things take time and I have only been TTC for 2 months but I want a baby yesterday. My fiancee is extremely supportive but my mood swings and our bickering because of my raging hormones are brutal. I'm not usually like this and I guess my question is basically what's the best way to deal and cope with this. Just looking for some words of encouragement...


Grandpa Viv - July 19

Maybe you are a good candidate for BBT (Basal Body Temperature) charting. It will give you some focus and make you feel you are taking some positive steps. Visit for more. I have seen charts which show women clearly not ovulating normally until several months off the pill, and once they start they get pregnant soon enough. Relax and be philosophical - easier said than done, I know. Concentrate on creating the strongest and most intimate relationship you can with the father of your baby-to-be. Good luck!


schreck - July 19

Unfortunately the mind is a very powerful thing and can make us think we are pregnant and even create the symptoms. Last time I went off the pill it was 4 months before I got pregnant and had more symptoms of pregnancy when I wasn't than when I was! Also my cycles were crazy ranging from 30 - 37 days. This was similar but not the exact same as before I had been on the pill. I had been on the pill 5 yeas when I stopped taking it last time. It takes time. Relax and enjoy trying to make the baby.



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