TTC And Feeling Confused With My Body Please Help

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Seabee wife - July 20

A few years ago I had an ovary and tube removed due to a cyst that burst and my tube was adhered to my bowels so that had to be cut away and removed. I have one side intact but was told that my remaining tube is slighty clubbed and also had a small amount of scar tissue in it, they found this out from an HSG that I had done. I had surgery to help remove the scar tissue and had yet another HSG done which did show some spillage of the dye.My uterus is antiflexed...not sure what that means but trying to be as detailed as I can be. I started tracking my cycles in March. This is what I have charted thus far. Period records for March Day 1 of period 3/8/2010 Last day of period 3/16/2010 Period Records for April Day 1 4/5/2010 Last day 4/11/2010 Thick clear CM on 4/17/2010 Period records for May Day 1 5/2/2010 Last day 5/11/2010 CM mucus on 5/17/2010 Day 1 5/31/2010 Last Day 6/7/2010 forgot to check for CM Period records for June Day 1 6/24/2010 Last Day 7/1/2010 Clear thick CM on the 7/7/2010 I am due for my period again on or between 7/21 and 7/23. My husband and I had intercourse on the 7th, 9th, 10th and 12th. He ejaculated inside me each time and instead of getting up right away I layed there for almost and hour just relaxing. I usually never get cramps before my period....always on days 2, 3 and 4 of my menses. I also had br___t augmentation June of last year and sometimes still get br___t tenderness at odd times. Period of not... For the past few days, I would say maybe 4 days I have had off and on cramps in my lower back and abdomen. some sharp and some mild. My br___ts are a bit sore on the sides more than normal or so it seems. I have not been able to get a good nights rest in almost a week and have slept maybe 5 hours when I finally do get to sleep. I have been urinating a lot but then again I can't tell if its more than usual except for yesterday. I went to the restroom and then 10 minutes later I went again. it was though I never went the first time. I woke up today and was nauseated but that could have been from not eating dinner last night. I did feel very flushed and was very pale. I have been having shortness of breath for the last few days. I do smoke but have never experienced this before. Also I have been burping a lot more than usual for almost a week. doesn't matter if it is soda or water. It isn't a full out burp but more like air just getting pushed into my mouth...hope that makes sense.... I have also had very mild constipation for the last 3 days and it is much lighter in color than normal. I know I may be getting my hopes up and hope I am not just working myself up for something that may never be... I was hoping someone could give me some insight. My questions are as follows:1. Is the thick CM indication that I am in fact ovulating? 2. If you have a period does that mean that the tube is in fact open? I ask this because I was reading some things online and saw several posts stating that the egg not being fertilized is what causes your period...which in my mind tells me that I am releasing and egg and it is making it to my uterus but not being fertilized...therefore starting my menses.



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