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BeccaBaby1 - February 24

Hi ladies! My husband and I have been trying for a baby for four months now and while that isn't very long I've been surprised at the roller coaster ride I've already been on emotionally. Those of us who are not yet pregnant need support from others also trying. Anyone want to chat?


whatisgoingon - February 25

I agree it is a roller-coaster ride huh! This is cycle #5 ttc. We are healthy & young so I am sure its not too far away. I am temping this cycle, & just started pre-natal vitamins. I dont drink/smoke/party hard, am very dedicated to be healthy for my bub 2 be. I sometimes worry perhaps I need to gain a bit of weight to conceive perhaps? But then think, well a lot of skinny women fall pregnant, and I am not skinny skinny by an means! I am 165cm tall & weigh 50kg. Which is healthy right? So I dont think that would hinder fertility. Its just hard being devastated by arrival of your af every month.. I hope I am not one of those women who it takes a year for it to happen..its already driving me crazy & I am starting to think we are perhaps infertile or something is wrong! lol But I am sure that is not the case, touch wood! :)


BeccaBaby1 - February 26

Hi whatisgoingon! I started the vitamins about a week ago, just started a chart today and I'm going to get a thermometer prob tomorrow and figure out what my body is doing. I've always been super irregular so it's difficult to wait 40+ days wondering if I'm just late because that's what I do, or if I have a little munchkin inside. I've wondered about gaining weight too (I'm about the same ratio as you just a little taller) but I figure that if this is how I am built naturally then nature should cooperate. I don't know. My husb and I are also young and healthy so we're keeping our fingers crossed. Like you said, I hope there isn't a year + of this uncertainty - it's maddening. I go back and forth every other minute thinking that I am infertile or that I am pregnant or that I am crazy. So, where are you from (I'm from the US, but I'm thinking you're from elsewhere b/c you use the very smart metric system)? Good luck to us both!


whatisgoingon - February 26

Hey Becca, I am in Australia. I am 20 and my partner is 21. I started this cycle temping on FF, my chart is home/hollzdollz. :) It truly is a maddening experience waiting every month for that bfp or bfn or af to arrive! I swear the moment I get that bfp, my heart will just sink in shock and happiness! Il be so over the moon! I really really want this, to be a mum! Its a kind of calling that you can not describe, and unless you are a women with that desire/maternal instinct, have absolutely no idea how strong it is to try and fight! he he. I hope you get your + very soon, I am sending lots of ++++++ thoughts your way! - Come join Izechsmama and me in 'signs of pregnancy' area, we chat in there often, got a Ovulation post going. :)


MammaJL - February 26

Morning ladies... is it ok if I wait with u guys too? I started af either Saturday or Sunday, I'm not sure which day to count as cd1. Anywho, here's my story....Stopped taking b/c pills on the 6th of january (the day I got af)..Had another af on the 28th of january so that was a short cycle (22days).This one was 27 or 28 days if I can figure out which day to put as cd1. We've been ttc for going on 3cycles. not temping or anything, I was going to temp this cycle but, I can't find my thermometer and will have to buy a new one. This will be baby #3 for me I have a 10 year old son and a 7 1/2 year old daughter, I'm 25 and DB is 32. (this will be his first)


BeccaBaby1 - February 26

Hi MamaJL. You are super woman - 3 kiddos at 25! Best of luck to get #3 here asap :) A little more of my story: I am sick with nerves with the waiting but I'm a bit scared about getting a bfp too. My sister and sisters-in-law both started on babies quite young and I am young too but I waited to do school and job and now that I'm on the other end I think it's kind of overwhelming to think family. But on the other hand I sooooooo want to see that pink line and I can't imagine my life in the future without muchkins! I'm 26 and the husb (do we call them DB or DH or something - the abbreviations are new to me ;0 ) is 31 - this will be # 1 for both of us. Hey whatisgoingon, you are sooo right about the maternal instinct - suddenly it just turned on for me and I used to think I didn't want kids but wanted to be a carreer woman, but now I reeeaaaallly cannot deny that instinct. It's amazing and wonderful! Positive thoughts to all!



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