TTC Twins 2008 Part 5

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Carolina73 - April 10

Yay. So if you read my other thread, you'll see I had my testing done. They fixed my hip with a steroid shot, and then they gave me synthyroid for my thyroid problems. As far as planning when to TTC, I have no clue anymore. I want to start soon, but at the same time I'm a little worried. Like, i want to save more money up and I want to have a bigger place. You know? Or at least be closer to having a bigger place by the time the baby(ies) are born.... Gah.


Bryandi - April 10

babys4us good luck with AF staying away. I think AF should just be banned from this thread all together!!! Schar I hope you did ovulate. Just a thought, I didn't ever get a surge until a day or two after I had all the discomfort in my abdomen (when on clomid). So maybe it is coming still. Keep us posted. Although I am not a good example considering my test was positive 5 days in a row.... strange. Krissy, I bet you are pg and it is just too soon to tell!! Not much longer. Keep us posted!! JJ you might be able to tell if there are twins at 5 weeks, but chances are you will not see a heart beat. My doc wanted to do mine at 7 weeks no earlier to be sure that we can see a heart beat and to be sure we can see the baby. (as opposed to just a sack). The 7 week mark would be April 29th, but since I am going to be in Nebraska till May 1st I had to schedule it for the second. I will be 7 weeks 3 days. lolo glad to hear from you. So sorry you have been feeling sick, but it is such a good sign. I will be happy once I start having continuous symptoms because my miscarriages have made me very nervous about this pregnancy. I just hope it sticks! Good night ladies!!! Twin dust to all!


schar - April 11

congrats preggo ladies!!! I am excited for u an a bit jealous lol! Well got more ewcm today and more intense O pain so most likely with i the next 3 days at the most then I am preggo with twins I got my progesterone to so im kinda excited!!!


Krissy68 - April 11

Hey girls it's not my month she showed today and I am a little depress, my clomid haven't showed up so that means I can't take them on cd2-6 do you anyone know the lates you can take them. I will be getting the prenat vit and baby asprin today I know to start the prenat now but what about the baby aspring please let me know ASAP Krissy68


Carolina73 - April 11

Aww...I'm so sorry krissy! I was really rooting for you!


schar - April 11

the asprin can be started today krissy you still have hope this month baby dust to u! Today cd 15 still no surege had the pains 2-3 days so weird but really felt it for a few seconds this morning


esmeraldausiahon - April 11

hey sorry krissie about her showing her ugly head, but there is still hope for you this month, just keep having faith, very soon it will happen okay! as for me i am cd 12 still no surge, i gues that this month will be the same as last month, but i hope i will really o before sunday, because my hubby is going out of town monday night, or tuesday, and i comming back probably on thursday, and i will be cd 18, that was the day last month i had my surge, so please pray for me that this month i will o early, or else later than last month, i am just desperite for a chrismas baby, or babies!!! i am so happy for everybody that is pg, i pray that all of you will have what you desire! take care and good night!


Bryandi - April 11

Ohh Krissy I am soo sorry AF showed. YOu can take the clomid days 3-7, 4-8 or 5-9. I took mine 3-7. I would start the aspirin now along with the prenatals. Myself I also took an extra folic acid in addition to the Aspirin and Prenatal. Good luck. I really hope this cycle is it for you. Schar, keep on bding. You will catch that egg or eggies!!!!!!!!!! Esmerelda, I do hope that you ovulate early to catch it before dh leaves or late so you are ready when he gets back. Good luck and double sticky dust to everyone!


lolo200 - April 12

Krissy ~~~ Sorry to hear that af showed today. Its ok, youcan try next cycle, besides if your clomid arrives later you can start it cd 5-9, dont lose hope yet. You are in my prayers gal!!


schar - April 12

cd 16 and 9 days of high fertility I am breaking a record here the lh line looked darker so we'll see i'm a bit upset though cause I have bd like 6+ times and it may not be at the right time so we are gona take a break maybe tomorrow or the day after see ya girls


esmeraldausiahon - April 12

hey girls, how are all of you? i am allright. schar you are not alone, i had the same problem, cd 13, we are bding since day 6, my hubby is tired, and he thought that this would have done it, but no, i still haven't had my surge, i am getting impatient now, he said that it will be thursday or friday when he comes back, i am begging him to come earlier, because i haven't o yet, and he was like, what of the ones we have done allready, isn't that enough, and i am like, i wish it was! i really hope that this month will be my month, but i had some pain in my ovary today, so maybe on monday i wil o ( hopefully)! anyway if i have more news i will let you girls know, twin dust to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mm773 - April 13

hello everyone im kind of new to this forum thing but i wanted to know could someone help me figure out the pregnancy lingo that everyone is using on here? like af, opk, bfp, bding,ect. nut anyways i've just received my clomid but i have been havent been having any periods since october when i had my last miscarriage and also found out i am anemic and was losing too mush blood because of it so my doctor recently prescribed me something to offset my period then i will begin my clomid. i've misscarried 3 times in the last year and am happy i can finally discuss it with people who has also experienced some similarities.


esmeraldausiahon - April 13

hi mm773 welcome to this forum. here it goes, af = aunt flow or your period, opk = ovulation predictor kits, bfp = big fat positive ( pregnancy ) bding is baby dancing ( or s_x ) i hope this is helpfull, and good luck with ttcing! i am sorry about your miscarriage's but hopefully you will get pregnant soon, and cary it until it is full term. as for me i am cd 14, no surge yet, so i am losing hope for getting pg this cycle, my hubby is leaving tuesday, and comes back probably thursday or friday, but if i have my surge, i will call him to come back, he is getting prepared to go to dublin, about 2 hours away from us, but he has to get an certificate of character for taxi driving licence application, and he has to get it now, or else we have to wait for 6 months before he can apply again, ireland is a funny country, and because he is an nigerian, it is even more difficult because he has to go to nigerian emba__sy, to aply for it, and they have to send it of to nigeria, so now it comes at a bad time for me, but hopefully still tomorrow, or else from friday, good luck to all of you, esme


schar - April 13

OMG girls I had another high fertility day yup thats 10 now well on the good end my lh line is almost as dark as the estrogen line so the next couple of days we are so bding I should get a peak fertility reading tomorrow especially if the lh is that dark I put the test strip in right after I use it are you suppose to do it right away?


mama4andmore - April 13

Hello, everyone. This is the first time I have posted anything and recently decided to ttc for another child. I am a mother of 4. This time I am hoping for twins+. Any how I am waiting for my clomid. Could anyone give me any tips.


Bryandi - April 13

Allright ladies time for a new thread. Here comes part 6! See you all there!



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