TTC Twins 2008 Part 4

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Bryandi - March 29

Hi ladies, time for a fresh thread and lots of good news. There are a few of us with BFP's already!!! YAH!! A few of us in the 2ww...... and the rest getting ready to bd like crazy soon! Good luck to all! Please no negativity on this thread! We are all here for each other and that is the way it should be.


schar - March 29

AMEN! Bryandi how ya doin? I am hoping to O in about 10-14 days good luck!


Bryandi - March 29

I am doing well. Thanks for asking. All fingers and toes crossed for you and your ovulation to come!!!!! Let's hope lots of swimmers meet that egg or eggs!!!!!!!!!!!! Hang in there chica, this month could be it for you!


LittleLinda - March 29

Oops i didn't relise there was a new thread and posted in the old one lol. OH MY! i see we have a bit of a troll lurking about, i feel sorry for the poor thing, she must be an unhappy sod. Anyways i just wanted to say Jessicab3 I have invited you into the Secret Facebook group "U/P Double Blessings 2008!" If anyone else is interested in joining this Facebook group please feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook and send me a msg in your friend request letting me know you nick name from here and i will be more than happy to invite you :) My name on Facebook is Linda Pappas-Milton and my network is Australia :). Have fun ladies and umm yaya34 didn't your mumma ever teach you if you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all? obviously not *roll eyes*.


schar - March 29

I demand that we don't have to try anymore and that this is it Bryandi this is our month!!!


esmeraldausiahon - March 30

hi girls how are all of you doing, sorry i got a bit carried away, people like yaya make me so angry, you see, me and my husband live in ireland, and it is very expensive to live here, we pay 750 euro's a month on rent, maybe about 1000 dollars that is, and 2 months ago both of us lost our jobs in a hotel where we worked for 5 years, since we came to ireland, because they closed it down, our wage a week was about 400 euro's for both of us, so you can immagine how we lived, we have 3 young children, and my husband thank god now has a work permit, because he is a nigerian and i am dutch, when we came here first i was the only one working because he was in the asylum proces, and thank god he got his residency in july 2005, so then he to could work, and now we lost our jobs, and are living on welfare for the time being, and putting money aside, because we are starting up our own business, and he got his taxi driving license, so that is our short term plan, and i am the youngest on the tread here, we got married when i was 18 yes 18, but i was raised up in an orphanage, so i knew no luxury in my life, and when all the pain is about to go away, someone just comes in and say all this rubbish about poor people, and schar, i am proud of you, you and everyone elso on this tread do a great job, you guys have a good salary i worked full time as a receptionist and only earned 8.60 euro an hour, maybe 11 dollars, and we managed! i hope she won't come back, it makes me sick you know, nobody else is good enough for her so let her be, i am currently cd 33, still no af, and still no bfp, i am just about tired of waiting, but we'll see, take care all of you!


schar - March 30

Good luck Esmerald hop things get better for u!


Bryandi - March 30

Esmerelda, I understand how you feel. Yes right now I do have a good job and I am very thankful for it, but I worked hard to get there. I worked at McDonald's all thru college and so did dh. YOu have to start at the bottom to get to the top unless you have everything handed to you on a silver platter. BTW my dh only makes 11 dollars an hour part time, but I love him just the same! I am sorry that AF and BFP both seem to be elusive for you. I hope for your sake that something happens soon. Thinking of you! Schar I agree no more trying. It WILL happen this time. Hehehe. I am feeling a heavy sensation in my abdomen and some discomfort similiar to what I had my past two pg's the day b4 implantation bleeding occurred. I am hoping that it is a good sign, but with those darn OPK's I don't know if it is or not. Sometimes I think it is better to be left in the dark. Were you not able to get back to thread number 3 Schar? I thought I saw you say something like that at your new thread. I think that when you get blocked you get blocked from all the threads, but I am not positive. That is why I do not think we will see yaya again. JJ and I both hit the poor taste b___ton for her.


Bryandi - March 30

Schar this was my last post in case you weren't able to get into the other thread still. I also wrote a big long blurb to YAYA about myself not being good enough for her type and being perfectly happy for it. Otherwise you didn't miss anything else. esmerelda, don't leave. JJ and I both pushed the poor taste b___ton. I am sure that someone will take care of the issue. Schar thanks for the advise. DH and I are bd like rabbits till I get a bfp. To whomever makes 28 dollars an hour, that is not bad depending on where you live. I live in Maine and my whopping 22 bucks an hour allow me to live well beyond just getting by (in my eyes, maybe not in others) It might not help that I am a tad bit cheap and the only time I am frivolous is when I go clothes shopping for my kids and then again on holidays (again for the kiddos). DH and I don't need much and are happy all the same! JJ don't give up hope yet, pregancy tests are not a science. You can get one in a box that tests a ton more sensitive than they claim on the label, and get another one that just barely meets the standard. LOLO have you tested yet? Schar, sorry I missed your post earlier about the progesterone. I do know know where to get it cheap. I have not even looked into the it very expensive? My doc is going to prescribe it to me as soon as I get my bfp. She never mentioned if it was expensive. Ah well...if it is it is. this will be our last pregnancy and we might as well go out with a bang. Allright ladies I am going to start a new thread. All this negativity is disasterous to our soon to be or already pregnant selves. Catch me at TTC Twins 2008!!!!! Part 4 =


jenniferjo - March 30

Bryandi, I looed it up and progesterone cream runs about $30 for 2 oz or $40 for 4 oz., 400 mg pills are about $190 for 30. I found an article that said the pills can get 'lost' in the liver so the cream is actually better because of absorption. The price will be different at your local pharmacy, but I hope that gives you an idea at least on the cost. As for wages, hubby makes $55,000 a year and I work part time for $5/hr plus tips. I may work 3 times a month or 3 days a week depending on what is going on at the time. It helps because its cash(paid on teh day I work) and with tips I usually make $10/hr average. We have a low house payment, kept our old car for awhile after it was paid off(until it began having problems) so we'd haev money for a new car. We both have excellent credit so we get low interest loans and we don't buy many things that aren't necessary. Our biggest non-essencial thing that we spend money on is eating out. We eat out once a week and get a babysitter once a month. We eat out more sometimes with my parents, but my stepdad insists on paying because its something he can do for us and he gets to spend a few hours with us and see my dd. Dh's checks go toward bills and mine goes toward clothes, the babysitter, 'date night', and anything dd might need-new carseat, toys, hair ties, etc. My mom was a single mother until I was 12 and my dad wasn't very good about child support. Not used to having much, it was a shock when my stepdad came into the picture and bought me everything I even looked at(most of which I didn't really want). I had my first car given to me by my aunt(1980 grand prix same age I was), but I had to pay for fuel. I got my 1st pick up at age 19(1999) for Christmas by my parents(1988 model). I had to pay insurance, repairs, tag and fuel on it. I was in 4-H at age 9 and handled my own money, opening a checking account at 15 yrs old. I learned early that you have to work hard to have money and I've never spent much on 'junk'. My stepdad would like to help us get land and a new 3000 sq ft home, but we don't need it and we don't like taking money from him when we can earn it ourselves. After the way it was when I was a child, I feel we have plenty of money. If I won the lottery today I would still work part time. Hubby would start his own business, but he'd still work as well. Its the satisfaction of doing a good job and providing for our family. We have friends who won the lottery in Texas(we live in oklahoma) and they are now big snobs. THey always thought they were better, but only when they got ot drinking or got upset. Now they let everyone know that they are better. They've been in town for a few weeks now and that, combined with yaya, just put me over the edge. The sad thing is, they don't have many 'real' friends anymore. Those of us that were don't like to be around them much anymore and their new friends just like to say they know someone worth several million dollars. Anyway, hope everyone is well and good luck!!


jenniferjo - March 30

Bryandi, I found a site that offered Prometrium(prog pills) that are $0.95 per pill. Site is orcug dot com. I couldn't find anything for walgreens, kmart or walmart.


schar - March 30

make sure the progesterone cream is prescription cause some creams cause m/c


LittleLinda - March 30

Hey ladies :) Wishing you all twin BFP vibes! :). So far we have 10 members in our "secret" U/P Double Blessings 2008! Facebook group, if anyone else is interested, please don't be shy, the more the merrier :) Even Clomid Preggy chickies are welcome, please come along and introduce yourself, we would love some new ladies to have a chat with :). For anyone interested just add me as a friend on Facebook: Linda Pappas-Milton and my network is Australia. Add in the friend request your preg-net nickname so i know you are from here and i will be more than happy to invite you. :)


LittleLinda - March 31

Oh and Bryandi i also pushed the poor taste b___ton on every post posted by that Yaya chick. It is really disturbing when a lovely non judgemental group get's bombed with someone like her, but anyways if she posts again i'm sure we can all ignore her because she obviously doesn't know the saying" if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all".


schar - March 31

How do I use face book to add u as a friend? I don't know much about this site


esmeraldausiahon - March 31

hey girls how are all of you, i am not happy because af showed up this morning, i was so hopefull that i would conceive, and now we have to do it all over again!!! anyway i also hit the poor taste b___ton on all her posts, so i hope we are rid of her now, and linda i also want to know how to become member of the face book, i looked everywhere, don't know where to do it, please explain!!! take care double sticky dust to all!!!


emmika - March 31

Hi girls... I'm finally here after having so much trouble with my computer I went out and bought a new one. LOL For those of you that don't know me (from facebook) I'm Jacqui. I have 3 kids already and my husband and I think twins would be great! We're still not quite TTC because we need to buy a bigger car first but we've been doing up our house (new house but it wasn't finished.. gardens, curtains etc) and we've got an appointment at the bank to organise refinancing on Wednesday. I'm so excited! As I mentioned on the FB site a while ago I will probably end up using prescribed clomid because I don't ovulate properly but I will still be aiming for twins so I hope that I still belong here. I look forward to getting to know you all better soon. :)



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