TTC Twins 2008 Part 12

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Carolina73 - June 8

Hey everyone. I'm back. I just haven't had a lot of access to the internet lately. Sorry that I kind of abandoned you....I didn't really have an option on that one! Meanwhile, hubby and I are doing a teeny bit better. I mean, we're actually getting along now. I don't know what all is up...Or how things will turn out, but we'll see I guess. And I'm two days late for my period, three in the morning. I usually get it on day 29. Sometime in the afternoon or evening. It's day 30. Almost, 31. So...we'll see. As much as we're having problems, I really hope it's a BFP. I'm scared to test though. I don't want to get a negative. :(


schar - June 8

good luck carolina cd41 for me bfn yeaterday and took 400mg progesterone


schar - June 9

where is everyone?? cd 42 for me


Carolina73 - June 9

So...If I'm not going to try this month but I might next month, should I still take the clomid this month?


schar - June 9

i would take it and try o 4 it


Jessicab3 - June 10

Carolina don't take it next month, the anti-estrogen side effects become more worse the more months you take it and since you are taking next month off then there is no reason for it.... Schar, how are you doing? Any sign of af? When do you go back to the doc?


esmeraldausiahon - June 10

hey all carolina i would not take it, because you have taken it last month, so it will still be in your system, so and you are not ttcing this month, so just wait until next month. schar i am so sorry for af not to show, you really should see a doctor, so they can check it out, as for me i am cd 10 now, so i am awaiting to o, i don't think i will o until next week, but i am having a clomid break right now, i took vitex, and also acupuncture and chinese herb suplements, 2 different ones and i am taking evening primrose oil also, so i really do hope that this will be my month good luck to all of you


Jessicab3 - June 10

Hey Esme, do you know which chinese herbs you are trying? Just curious =)


Krissy68 - June 10

Schar - Did AF ever show up? How are you doing? Carolina73 - I would skip a month of clomid that is what I did last cycle now I am starting back up but this time it is prescribe by my doctor cause he has me on a treatment plan and I am going to try an follow it to a t. I will let you know so far so good. Esmeraldausiahon - How are you doing? Krissy68


schar - June 10

I know I dhould see a doc everything is screwed up cause my cyst and I will get my ultrasound friday and see a doc monday no signs of af more ewcm yesterday I will never take u/p clomid again


twin_desire - June 11

Schar I hope you dont mind me asking but how long were you taking clomid before you realised you had a cyst? as my doctor has finally prescribed me with clomid, but now its worrying me that i may get a cyst?


schar - June 11

I only took it for one cycle and found out at the end of the cycle that I had a cyst


esmeraldausiahon - June 11

hey all well its cd 11 and i think i am getting ready to o, have been a bit crampy also twin desire, i took clomid for 4 cycles, now i am on a break, but i didn't have any side effects or a cyst, schar is very unlucky, here are many women whom took clomid without prescription, me one of them, so don't worry to much, and i also have to add that it is the doctor that prescriped it to you, so i am sure you will be closely monitord, schar is af making its way? i am so sorry that it messed up alot for you, but if i were you i would test again just to be sure that you aren't indeed pregnant, i really hope af will show her ugly head if you aren't pregnant. krissie good luck to you! keeping my fingers crossed for you! take care all good night.


schar - June 11

BFN again it is just the cyst thats all I hope I go in friday to see good luck


junebugg - June 12

Hey all i've been reading through the forms and the stuff on twins naturally, I'm really confused on all the take this don't take this and jessica all your info on the other thread really help and you really seem to know what your talking about what would you suggest? I can't afford to go to get fertility drugs because my insurance wont cover any of it. I'm trying to keep track of my cycle and it's hard because I just got off the patch 2 months ago. It's not regular at all yet, any ideas with how out of wack it is?


Jessicab3 - June 12

Junebugg, since your af is out of whack I would suggest taking a high dose of Vitex everyday to get things back on track again. There isn't any proof out there that Vitex helps with twins but it does help get you regulated again and its possible a really high dose may cause superovulation. Drink lots of whole milk and eat lots of meat especialy beef. I would also try soy isoflavones about 200mg from cd3-7 and wild yam supplements from after you O till af arrives or you get that BFP. 3000mg of EPO from cd1 to O and daily 100mg of Vit. B6 are also very good for fertility. Make sure you are also taking a multi-vitamin and at least 800mcg of folic acid. Thats about everything naturally that you can do. Let me know if you have any other questions =)


schar - June 12

soy Isoflaves don't really work, I have been taking fertility blend and it has helped with my hormones and has vitex in it I just found out my cyst is just under 3cm so half it's size I think it's cause the vitamins



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