TTC Twins 2008 Part 9

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Carolina73 - May 4

So, again, the other one got old. Anyways, how is everyone doing? -----Schar, how are you feeling? I hope you're doing better, and hopefully you'll concieve. With any luck, you still might have twins or more! -----Esmerelda, how are you? When are you going to start TTC again? I'm crossing my fingers for you! ----Mama4, I completely understand where you're coming from! I'm on CD24 and it's seeming to take forever! -----Babies, I can totally understand why you're nervous, but try to keep you thoughts positive. Check out the movie "The Secret: The Law Of Attraction." You'd like it. It's all about keeping your thoughts positive and happy as if you already have or know you'll have very shortly, whatever it is you desire and these thoughts attract those events to happening in your life.... Check it and don't worry! Everything will be fine if you think it will.------Bryandi, check out the movie I told Babies to check out. Seriously, just do it. :D Keep your thoughts positive. Being nervous or scared won't do anything productive or good, so just relax! Let loose and be happy. :D Keep your chin up. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Anyways, about me. I'm on CD24 and anxious as all get out. I should get my period within a week. Could be a little more. Could be a little less. I'm not sure. Mine usually varied from 25-30 days. It's been soooo long since I've had a normal cycle (between br___tfeeding and birth control) that I don't know what to expect! I just want to take my clomid but I can't yet! GRRR!


Bryandi - May 4

Carolina, I hope AF shows soon for you! Have you decided which cycle days you are going to take it on? That movie does sound interesting, maybe I will check it out sometime. We don't have a lot of time to sit down and watch a movie around here, but if the opportunity arises I certainly will look into that movie.


schar - May 4

I am doing fine just hoping I O soon. How is everyone else?


babies4us - May 5

I am doing pretty well. Still don't know my results yet. I am going to call today I think, just so I can relax a bit. I don't think I would worry so much except they tested for Toxoplasma, and I don't know if that will produce a different result for them. Schar, I had a pretty good size cyct when I went in, but I get them every pregnancy anyway, and they hurt for a few weeks, and then ache as they leak out, it should be gone in a few weeks time. Just follow what your Dr. says. I really hope you get a babie soon! I think everyone who wants one this badly should be able to have one of their own. All my best to you all. I'll tell you the fate of my tests as soon as I can get them. eeek. Trying to take Carolina73 advise and think positive. So far 2 of you have said they can't tell....


schar - May 5

Well I have no pain from the cyst in a few days so hope I can try soon not sure when I will O got som clear cm though today


mama4andmore - May 5

Well haven't had much time over the weekend. Schar I really hope you get feeling better and hopefully wll be able to try again. so last month was your first time taking Clomid?? Carolina we are really close in cycles. I have about another week and 2or 3 days til next AF. I can't wait either. I am waiting for the mail to come. Hopefully it will bring Clomid. Babies i will keep you in my prayers. Don't worry to much. Easier said than done. So take care everyone. I will be back on after mail comes to let you all know. Hey is anyone else a house wife???


Carolina73 - May 5

Well, I'm on CD26 today. Any day now. I've been kind of crampy and such but nothing yet. I wish it would hurry up and start. It's so funny though. I don't think I've ever been excited to GET a period. lol----------Schar, I'm glad the cyst isn't bothering you anymore! That's definitely a good thing! Maybe the clomid you DID take will help you when you start TTC soon!-------------Babies, I don't think they can tell. And toxoplasma is a parasite that is found in kitty litter, on cats, and in the soil. It's a parasite that can cause defects in unborn babies. So I doubt that test was done based on any suspicions. I think you're safe. :P---------------Mama, hopefully your pills come. Wasn't your sister sending some too, in addition to the ones you ordered, or did I read that somewhere else?-------Bryandi, I think I'm going to take it days 2-6 or 3-7. I'm really not sure. What do you think?------------------As far as what's going on with me. I only have a few days left until AF and I wish it would just hurry up and get here already! It's sooooo frustrating having to wait, you know? I feel silly. I've never been excited about getting a period. -lol- I can't decided whether to take the clomid days 2-6 or 3-7. And is it okay to take one pill twice a day (50mg at morning. 50mg at night.) Or do I have to take them at the same time???


laceylexus - May 5

Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am pretty new to this stuff. I ordered my clomid a few weeks ago. Then went to see my midwife for a yeast infection and we talked about how long we've been trying and she's going to prescribe it to me. I told her that i ordered some off the internet already so she's going to check it out and make sure that's what it is (I have heard horror stories that people receive pills that are not what they said they were). I was surprised I didn't get chewed out but she was ok with it as long as i take it to her when I get it. But anyways I am on cd18 with o'ing on cd15. We use the clear blue easy monitor and so far I really like it. Does anyone else use it? ~~Good luck to everyone and baby dust to all~~


Krissy68 - May 5

I just wanted to tell everybody hi. Krissy68


Bryandi - May 5

Schar, great to hear that you are feeling better! Carolina, I would advise days 3-7, but a lot of people do 2-6 as well. I did 2-6 my first cycle and then 3-7 the second cycle (the one I got pg on). babies4us, I wouldn't worry about any of the tests. They won't even test for Clomid, and the toxoplasmosis is a routine test. If you have cats, just make sure that dh takes care of the litter box for you while you are pg. You should be fine. Lacey, welcome, and good luck. I have never used the clear blue easy before. So you are officially in the 2ww! Keep us posted! So ladies, I had my second sono today and baby measured right to the day 7w 6d! Heartrate was 150 and bean grew from 3mm to 14.6 mm in less than 2 weeks. I will be 8 weeks tomorrow. I am starting to feel more confident about this pregnancy! Good luck to the rest of you waiting to concieve or in the 2ww! Hopefully we see more twins on here.



hey hey hey~~ sorry i have been missing in action... my mom has terminal cancer and i had to be there for awhile and back home and gone again... im sure ive missed tons ... hoping ive missed tons of bfp's!!!! i think last i posted i thought i might be preg but was still too early to tell for sure...... had a faint pos and a neg... i wasnt preg... BUT I AM NOW!!!!! and im happy to say im sick!!!! good sign i hope... im on cd 30 today and have a pos test for many days and even the digital ones for a few days now... i have an appt tom to get my quants done.. cant wait... so anyway how is everyone?..... update me... :)



i just got my post to go through... tried yest... so i copied and pasted it so i wouldnt have to do it all over... so today is my dr's appt at 9.... trying to catch up on everyone... bryandi~~~ i do see u r preg... woohoo and congrats.... happy for you... last i was here u didnt think u were and u actually were by the looks of it!!!! ok im off to get myself and kids ready... take the boys to school then off for my hr and a half drive... ttyl :) cant wait to see everyones updates...


schar - May 6

welcome back bigfamilies! Well i'm on cd 8 and no signs of anything yet but i'M praying for a miracle


mama4andmore - May 6

Yesterday Clomid came from my sister. I have 6 50mg pills. It's good. Although I really want to take a 100mg. So I Glad to hear everyone is doing well. It is like cd20 here! So only one more til AF. I will let you all know about mexmeds in a few after mail comes!!!!!!!!!!! Schar i am hoping this is your month as well as everyone elses. So ~~~~~double baby dust to all~~~~~~~~~


esmeraldausiahon - May 6

hey girls how are you all keeping?! bigfameliesrock, congratulations! i am very happy for you, as for me i am cd 7, and i reduced my clomid on sunday to 50 mg, and yesterday was my last pill, so hoping for the best! i am trying this month again, i am just waiting to o! i know i still have a week or so to o, i think i might have o'd on cd 15 last month, so hopefully this month will be earlier! i am trying to conceive this month, because i am fed up of trying, if i don't conceive this month, i will take a break of the clomid next month, but hopefully there is no need, i will keep you gals updated! take care all!


Carolina73 - May 6

Hello Big Familie, and welcome back! As for me, I'm on CD27 and I'm getting frustrated! I just wish AF would hurry up and come so I can start my clomid! GRRRR! It irritates me. Very much. lol. I feel so silly. I don't think i've ever WANTED my period so much. lol. Anyways, mama, hopefully you get the mexmeds clomid before your AF. I think you will. I had just about given up on mine when it finally showed up!


bigfamiliesrock - May 6

thanx for the nice welcome back...esmeraldausiahon |~~ty and i hope this is your month.. i reduced mine to 50 also... i really didnt have side effects from it at all but this prometrium makes me super dizzy....Carolina73~~ hope af shows soon so u can start your clomid... good luck... i had my quants done this am... 23.8... they said that was an "ok" number for my initial quant... have to go back thurs at 9... pray it doubles or more... ill try to check back later as this is our "night off" from everything.. no games or practices... ttyl :)



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