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Ren26 - January 6

It's a new year ladies! Let's get some more BFP's and maybe just maybe twins. I will start my 3rd cycle of 50mg Clomid in a few days. Babydust to everyone!!!


ilovekids - January 6

Hi ren. Goodluck this month. i hope we all get our bfp. Im on cd8 today. I took my 3rd and last lot of clomid on days 1-5. No s/e testing for ovulation because i have irregular cycles. baby dust to all.


Ren26 - January 6

ilovekids- Goodluck to you too! I love having you ladies to chat with. It really helps. How many cycles have you taken Clomid?


ilovekids - January 6

Hiya,ive takin clomid for 3 cycles. This is my 3rd cycle. 100mg days 1-5. Just waiting for ovulation then the dreaded 2ww.


Erica9901 - January 6

Hi! I've been lurking the other TTC twins board and posted a bit, but its been a while. I'm glad you started a new thread, thanks! Good luck to you all! Here's to lots of BFP's!!! I am CD 8 too! I did Soy Isoflavins CD 1-7 (small dose on first 2 days, so really 3-7). I read that 160 mg soy = 50 mg clomid & I have been taking the equvilant to 200 mg clomid. Last cycle I did soy isoflavins, but only 200 mg CD 3-7 - I know it gave me a much stronger O b/c normally I never feel it and I felt O pains for about 2 days (1 day was really bad). No s/e though and no BFP. I think its b/c we DTD for 9 nights straight starting CD 8. I think it was just too much and by the time I O'd on CD 15 my poor DH didn't have enough! At least thats what I'm hoping, so the situation is easily fixed =) So this cycle we'll time it a little better... How is everyone feeling! Happy 2009 Erica


greatgreta - January 6

hey ladies, hope everyone's well. CD10 here, and just waiting to O, no signs yet. This is my second and final cycle on clomid, so I'm really hoping that this will be my month! how is everyone else doing? abundant babydust to everyone!!


Krissy68 - January 6

Ren26 - Good Luck this month. Keeping my finger cross for you. ilovekids - Good Luck to you this month as well and you know what they say 3rd times the charm. Erica9901 - I am on cd9 and I also did the soy isoflavins I took mines on cd 4-8 what was your mg on the bottle? Mines was 40mg so I took 5 pills for 5 days that is 200mg total. Did you take anything else or are you going to take anything else? I started bding on sunday but I was real dry from sunday - today but this afternoon it is trying to get a little slippery. I should ovulate on 1/14 we shall see and I should get AF between 1/27-1/28 I hope she don't show up so I can gift wrap my bfp and put it in my honey's birthday card his birthday is on the 31st I will keep you updated and you do the same. Krissy68


Erica9901 - January 6

Wow, so we have 2 CD 8, a CD 9 and a CD 10! we're all really close! My bottle of Soy is 55 mg/pill. This cycle I took 4 pills (220mg soy) on CD 1 & 2 then I took 11 pills - 605mg on CD 3-7!!!! Its alot I know, but I read that 160 mg of soy is equal to 50 mg of clomid & I wanted maxium dose of clomid (200 mg). I am also taking Tribulus (amazing!) Folic acid and prenatals. What about you? I should O on 1/12 or 1/13. We will BD on 1/11 thru 1/14. Thats a cute idea for his b-day! My bday is the 29th so hopefully I'll have a good surprise too =)


chicago2009 - January 6

HI, I took clomid this month on days 2-6. I am cd9. I will try muccinex this month (for the fist time) for better cm, and after O baby aspirin for better blood flow and implantation. I wonder if any of you tried it before?


Ren26 - January 7

Ilovekids- We are both on our 3rd cycle of Clomid. Maybe this will be the month!!! Erica- Let me know how it goes with the soy isoflavins. I looked into that before I started Clomid. Greatgreta- Goodluck! What days are you taking Clomid? krissy- Good luck to you too! I saw on the other thread that you have 4 daughters and are trying for a son. I hope you get your baby boy or two! I have two sons and I am trying for a daughter. Chicago2009- I started Robitussin and baby asprin last month and the Robitussin helped with cm. I will do the same this month. Good luck and baby dust to everyone!!!


Krissy68 - January 7

Erica9901 - Well it is cd 10 for me and I will start the robintussin when I get home I forgot to take some this morning. My cm is now white and there is some in my panties (sorry tmi) do you know what this means? I plan on bding tonight. I also took my first opk for this cycle and it was bfn. I'm only taking the soy and prenatals and I have already started bding since sunday cd 7 and I should be ovulating around the 14th and I should get AF between 27-28th. I am keeping my fingers cross for you that you get the best birthday present ever. Ren26 - Thank you very much and I'm wishing you much luck this cycle keep me posted. Krissy68


only_three_shots - January 7

Krissy, I have heard other women mention that clomid can have an effect on the accuracy of the OPKs. I am not sure how accurate that is but it sounds like your cm is throwing signs you may be ovulating. I am glad to hear you are planning to bd just in case! I only went by cm and conceived the first month of trying. I told my DH we had to bd every time he could, even if we had to escape to the restroom for a quick 5 minutes! LOL


greatgreta - January 8

hi everyone, hope all's well with you. CD12 here, and the BDing has begun! no sure signs of O yet though. CM is stretchy, but more creamy than EW. we will continue to BD every other day! this WILL be my month! this WILL be my month! THIS WILL BE MY MONTH! lol (and sending positive vibes and babydust to everyone else too!) Ren26- i'm took mine CD3-7, not had any s/e really. and i haven't been as emotional as last cycle, but we have still decided NOT to use clomid again. if i get another BFN, we just continue with TCM and acupuncture. maybe try tribulus? Erica- hiya! finally someone i can ask about tribulus! how's it working for you? and how do you take it? and is your DH taking it too? Krissy- hey girl! as always, we're cycle buddies! i really hope you get that BFP! only- hey preggo! lol. how're you keeping? glad to hear you and DH are back on track! men, huh?! lol. ilovekids- hope you're well. how cold has it been these last few nights in the UK! it was -10 last night!! crazy! chicago2009- hey! are you doing anything to track O? babydust and positive vibes to everyone!


Erica9901 - January 8

Hi! Krissy - I read that high estrogen levels will cause alot of "fertile" CM and that it may not indicate O is near. I've noticed it too, for days now, and I know I won't O for at least 4 more days. I think we BD'ed too much last cycle, so I am waiting (only every other night) until CD 12. Greta - I like Tribulus alot. Me and DH take it, he actually takes it all the time b/c he's a gym rat LOL, no he just works out alot. Luckily that gym is in our garage. So, its supposed to be the "fertiliy superstar". Have you googled, tribulus and women trying to concieve, or something like that? So, I had some spotting on CD 8 & 9. I don't like it, but I haven't found anything online that says its really bad. I think its the high estrogen levels from all the soy I was taking. I can't wait for O day.


chicago2009 - January 8

Hello cycle buddies ;) Its my cd11 today. yesterday I started muccinex to help with cm, but for now its just runny. greatgreta : I will start tracking my O tommorrow. I usually O on cd15, but this cycle I took clomid 2-6 so I will start with OPK cd12.


Krissy68 - January 8

only_three_shots - I'm not taking clomid this cycle I did however take soy isoflavans and they say it is the naturl to clomid so we shall see. Well I took my opk and it was neg and my temp is still real low but now the cm is white and watery. What does this means I shouldn't be getting ready to ovulate this soon I should ovulate next week. I will go ahead a bd anyway just to be on the safe side. I am also have some pain off and on my right side. Take care and I will keep you updated. greatgreta - We are on day apart. How are you doing? Good Luck to you and keep me posted. I'm glad we are cb's maybe we will get our bfp together this time around. I love your positive thinking/chanting. I should try that as well. Erica9901 - Hey girl how are you doing? Now my cm is white and watery and I still have a few more days to go before I ovulate I should ovulate around the 14th I know the soy didn't mess me up that bad I only took 200mg for 4 days cd 4-8. I am planning on bding today/tonight just not sure when because I am at work now and I get off at 5pm but I have to leave for my new part time at 7p not sure how long the shift will be. Chicago2009 - Good Luck to you cb. I went ahead and started testing yesterday even though I normally don't test until cd 12 because I took the soy and I didn't know how it would effect my body and I don't want to miss my o day. I should be ovulating around the 14th. I got another bfn on the opk but the cm is now white and watery do you know what this means? Krissy68


chicago2009 - January 10

Krissy: I tested yesterday, got very very thin line, so its still way to early. I also have kind of white and watery cm. Well, I think we are on our way to the strechy egg -white fertile cm. I usually have no problem with cm, and after being watery it turns to strechy and fertile one;) So I think it is the matter of a day or two.



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