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Xerxella - February 18

Nikki- I might be in the same scenario next month if this month is unsucessful. The doc wants to do the 3 day bloodwork and hsg. I don't know if I want to or not since I normally have no trouble conceiving and I was only looking for Clomid. I don't know. What if I'm taking all the supps and then my fsh looks high and the doc won't want to treat me at all? But, I really don't want to not do anything the first 3 days. I'd rather take my supps. I guess I'll take the supps and see what happens with the fsh test. Hopefully it won't come to that!


greatgreta - February 18

Hello Ladies!! i feel like a veteran oldie on this thread, lol! good to see so many new faces! for those who may not already know me, I have B/G twins from unprescribed clomid, and they are just wonderful! we are ttc again (for the last ever ever final time, lol) babydust to everyone


Nikki7082 - February 18

Melly: didn't they discover something about antiphosphalipids with you and it could be treatable with baby aspirin? Please correct me if I'm memory isn't always that great :-/ wishing you tons of stickies though! Xerxella: if the tests are covered what could it hurt? At best they could sight unexplained infertility and go with the clomid? That's my hoped for outcome :-) Greatgreta: hi! Are you trying for twins again? Congrats on getting the b/g to begin with! I have 6yo b/g's myself, wasn't trying for them, no meds but would love another set!


mellyhuns - February 19

Yes I have antiphospholipid syndrome. I am on baby aspirin and start injectable blood thinners next week. So that makes me more hopeful. It's still scary. I don't think you ever feel safe after having had a miscarriage, let alone 2. Hope you goth get that clomid. I got pg off my first month on it. ;o)


mellyhuns - February 19

Greta, what was your clomid dosage? What cycle days did you take it? Hoping I get twins. Just wondering if I did the same dosage as you.


ca__sieh - February 22

Hey girls it's nice to find a few of you. Congrats on the BFP and good look to the rest you still trying.


ca__sieh - February 22

Hey girls it's nice to find a few of you. Congrats on the BFP and good look to the rest of you still trying.


Xerxella - February 22

Hey ca__sie! How's that little bean growing? Good luck everyone! I'm 5 dpo and the temps are still good. I was hoping the website would be up before I would be testing, but it doesn't look like it! If my temps are still up Friday or Saturday, I'll test. I'll let you all know!


Nikki7082 - February 22

Good luck Xerxella, can't wait to hear about another BFP! I decided to go ahead with taking the SI this cycle again, curiosity took over and I figure at the very least we should be able to see if it's actually doing anything at all on the folli scan on Thursday. Couldn't get booked in for an HSG this round but on "priority" for next cycle. Here's hoping that we get our BFP this time and don't have to go! ;-)


Nikki7082 - February 22

How are you doing mellyhuns? I know exactly what you mean about being nervous again, I've had 3 m/c now and as much as I want the bfp again I know that I'll be a basket case! I also worry that I'll be too scared to be excited :-/ I have some comfort though knowing that the doc is paying closer attention and are looking for answers.


ca__sieh - February 23

X- The bean is growing well. I've been listening to the heartbeat nearly every day with my doppler. I wish I could fast forward a couple of months though. I can't wait to find out if it is a boy or girl. Good luck all!


mellyhuns - February 23

I am worried. My frer test line isn't getting darker. It was at first, and now it seems like it has stopped getting darker, maybe even a little lighter. My ic's seem to be getting darker though, maybe. This whole pregnancy thing is so stressful for me. Of course my doc says if I'm not bleeding then I'm fine. Just wish I could do all the tests that I want to do when I want to do them lol. Guess I just have to wait it out.


Xerxella - February 24

Ca__sie - Good to hear it! I've always wanted one of those doppler things. That sounds so great to be rea__sured listening to your baby's heartbeat whenever you want, but I just never could pull myself to spring for the money. Sorry mellyhuns about the worry. But, the doc is right, if there's no bleeding or cramping that's a VERY good sign. When's your next ultrasound? AFM - Very bad news today. My temps are down, which always happens at 7 dpo (when I'm not pg), so I'm pretty down today. Of course, I'm hoping it's an implantation dip. I'll know more tomorrow. If temps are up, it's a good sign, if they fall further, I'll know I'm out. (And I was feeling so hopeful this cycle!) :(


mellyhuns - February 24

I am feeling better this morning. I have decided to stop checking the First Response ones as they gave me a wide range of line colors yesterday lol!! I took my ic and it is darker today than yesterday and has been slightly darker each day since I got my BFP. Xerxella, you could still be in. My temp took a good dip around 11 dpo and I got my bfp at 13 dpo (according to ff, though I think I o'd a day after ff says I did so I think it was a dip on 10dpo and a bfp on 12 dpo).


jnsmayer6 - February 25

So I am trying 1 more time. I only had 200 mg of clomid left. Took 50 days 4-7. also took 100mg soynuts day 1 and 50mg day 2. I went to the dollor store n they only had 3 opks left. I keep going in there when im in town but they havent gotten any more. My question is this: should I take one everytime I see a dip after day 13? What if I run out before I get a +. ff said I od day 21 last month but then I was taking clomid later in the cycle n 100mg. I just wish I had more to know for sure. CD 9 today n had a dip but way too early to o I hope.


MooCow - February 25

Hello everyone! Yet another refuge from the ttctwins forum :*( So nice to find this thread alive, well and active! Well, DH and I had postponed the ttc for a couple of months, but now we're back in the game... I am waiting for AF at the moment so we can start trying. I'm going to take Soy Isoflavones days 1-5 and clomid 100 mg days 5-9. I actually also have a hcg shot from pharmacy escrow but I'm not sure if I'll use it or chicken out :P It says on the packet of the HCG shot that it's for IM or SC use, but inside on the instructions says ONLY for IM use, and IM is a bit scarier...(bigger needle, yikes!) We'll see. The thing is at this point twins would be a bonus, but I'll be taking clomid to conceive... Although I've been fertile in the past, my periods have been really wacky in the past year and I think it is because I put on more weight (I am a very large person.) Since here in old Blighty they will not actually give any fertility treatment to anyone with a BMI over 30, they really leave me no choice ]:( Anyway, here is hoping this cycle works... I've always dreamed of a December baby, so if I got pg this month it would be extra special. Quick Q: Has anyone actually had success bringing on a period with parsley tea, and/or Vit C? I just want it to come already!!! (We didn't BD in February so I can't be pregnant.) Off to read everyone's posts now... Babydust!



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