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MooCow - February 25

Hello everyone! Yet another refuge from the ttctwins forum :*( So nice to find this thread alive, well and active! Well, DH and I had postponed the ttc for a couple of months, but now we're back in the game... I am waiting for AF at the moment so we can start trying. I'm going to take Soy Isoflavones days 1-5 and clomid 100 mg days 5-9. I actually also have a hcg shot from pharmacy escrow but I'm not sure if I'll use it or chicken out :P It says on the packet of the HCG shot that it's for IM or SC use, but inside on the instructions says ONLY for IM use, and IM is a bit scarier...(bigger needle, yikes!) We'll see. The thing is at this point twins would be a bonus, but I'll be taking clomid to conceive... Although I've been fertile in the past, my periods have been really wacky in the past year and I think it is because I put on more weight (I am a very large person.) Since here in old Blighty they will not actually give any fertility treatment to anyone with a BMI over 30, they really leave me no choice ]:( Anyway, here is hoping this cycle works... I've always dreamed of a December baby, so if I got pg this month it would be extra special. Quick Q: Has anyone actually had success bringing on a period with parsley tea, and/or Vit C? I just want it to come already!!! (We didn't BD in February so I can't be pregnant.) Off to read everyone's posts now... Babydust!


MooCow - February 25

Mellyhuns, congratulations :) Xerxella, I'm hoping for you that your temp drop means nothing... But I just want to say Nooooo Don't take March off! My birthday is close to Christmas, anad I LOVE it! It always made the run to CHristmas that much more special... And I've actually always hoped for a Xmas baby! I'm always jealous when I hear someone is due in December :P


Xerxella - February 27

Hi everyone! 10 dpo and my temps are still up, so that's super good news. I tested this morning and I'm pretty sure it was negative. So, if my temps are still up tomorrow, I'll test again.... jns - With only 3 opks, you just have to bd every other day until the clear temp rise. This last cycle I was testing 2x's a day and only had a positive one evening. Maybe test whenever you have 2 days of a temp drop. Have you considered ordering them on line? There are some good deals out there. Moocow - They won't give you fertility treatments because of your weight?!?!? That's horrible! That really leaves you no other choice! Good luck! Definitely consider the HCG shot. It really increases your odds.


MooCow - February 27

Xerxella, yes, fertility treatment on the NHS REALLY sucks! There is some variation depending on the area, but generally they won't treat you if your BMI is over 30 (mine is 43!!!! So no way I'll be waiting to lose weight!) and mostly you won't be ent_tled to more than 2 goes of IVF, and in some areas you are not ent_tled to IVF if you've already got any children! (Scottland I think does this, I may be wrong though. I know some areas do, I just forget which ones.) Yeah I've been practising with a spare needle today (I've got a [ack of 10 needles, and 2 goes of HCG) to see if I could bring myself to stick it in :P I did manage it, so I'm more confident I'll give it a go. I remember Heidi on ttctwins said the trick to check if your HCG is genuine (after you mix it and before you inject, squirt a tiny bit on a pregnancy test, if it tests post_tve it is real HCG.) So I'll do that. I also found a very helpful youtube video made by a transgendered person about how to manage the injection if you're squeamish :) Now to wait for AF...COME ON AF!!! (I thouht I saw a tiiiny bit of spotting tonight. Wishful thinking? KMFX Xerxella, how long is your LP usually? I know a lot of people don't get a BFP until 12 dpo or so, temps still up sure is a good sign! I'll be sending you positive vibes. :)


Xerxella - February 28

Well I got a BFP today!!!! Yeah!!!!! So, we'll see (as long as it sticks) if it's more than one a couple months from now. Good luck moocow!!!! Come on AF! Good luck all!!!!


mellyhuns - February 28

Congratulatiions!!! H & H 9 months!! Let us know if there's 2 in there.


jnsmayer6 - February 28

Congrates!!! Xerxella, I am so happy for you!!!! I was really hoping you would get your bfp. Yeah! I hope everything goes well and that you have double trouble in there. :) Im so excited!!!! This just gives me hope!!! Was this your 3rd month trying? Thanks for getting back to me on the opks too. Im really hoping they got more in today. Im calling tomorrow...they said they dont put things out until then. Maybe march will be our month. Baby dust to all!


Nikki7082 - February 28

ooooh...Congratulations Xerxella!!! Woohoo! Please keep us updated :-D How have you been mellyhuns? Hope things are still sticking! Hello moocow! fx'd for you too! How are things going for you jnsmayer? Not too sure what to expect out of this cycle, on CD12 and temps have been absolutely everywhere and not following any pattern what so freaking ever :-/ Won't know my folli scan or blood work results for probably another month which is maddening but such is the way it is. Decided to splurge on the opk's this cycle, have had it showing close to positive the day before last but the tests have been getting steadily fainter ever since so I don't know wth.


jnsmayer6 - February 28

Im really kinda taking the less stress this cycle. Trying to just let it happen if it is going to happen. Still temping just to see when I o. CD 12 today too. Really hope you get a + on your opks. Im really hoping to get some more opks tomorrow. I only have 3 and last month my temps showed I o'd on cd 21 so I might have a while yet. Really hope this ends up being your cycle Nikki. :)


MooCow - March 1

Xerxella WOW! Congratulations! I hope you have a H&H 9 months... What were you taking this cycle? Nikki thanks... My OPKs did exactly the same thing this month (February.) I didn't take anything because we weren't trying, but I was still doing OPK because I like knowing what my body is doing, and I've had irregular cycles. I got some OPKs getting stronger (but not actually +) but they faded out again in the next days. I wasn't sure if I ovulated, but 10 days later I did get AF. So AF is actually here full force so YAY! I started taking my Soy today... I'm doing Soy days 1-5, Clomid days 5-9 and Pre Seed, and a HCG trigger. FXd I really really want it to work these next couple of cycles!


jnsmayer6 - March 2

Need help, please! Ive never done the opk's before and the ones I bought are cheap with very little instructions. I took one last night and one this morning and they both have a very faint line on them. What does that mean? Does that mean it is positive or that my body is going to o soon? When would I count it as a positive, when it is dark pink? Please help. Thank you.


Nikki7082 - March 2

Hey jnsmayer, opk's can only be considered positive when the test line color is equal to or darker than the control line. Having a faint line can either mean that you are about to Have the LH surge or that it's just pa__sed.


MooCow - March 2

jnsmayer, when I use OPKs, I generally start having a very faint second line about a week - 10 days before I O (But I O late in my cycle.) It gets gradually darker until it's pretty much as dark (or almost) as the control line. Then it gets faint again and disappears in the next 3 days or so. Depending on when you expect wou would ovulate, it might be that your body is gearing up to it...


Nikki7082 - March 2

You bet MooCow, I think that's also why opk's don't seem to hold too much value when's too easy to miss the surge which I think I did this cycle. My CD9 test showed nothing, CD10 am and pm were both faint, CD am was a little darker but pm was almost equal and since then it's faded into non existent as of yesterday (CD13) so I'm counting my "almost positive" as just testing a little too late for the surge.


Xerxella - March 2

Hi everyone. just to let you know, I was using the digital opks and was testing 3 or 4x's a day around my O time and it only turned positive ONCE! In the evening of day 16, I ovulated the next day. So, if I was only testing in the morning, I would've missed it. (I think this doesn't bode well for twins. I've read that multiple days of positives is more indicitive of twins.) I O'd 2 days late, probbaly becuase of all the stuff I was taking. I'll have to look up all the stuff I was taking. Tribulus, Cimetidine, Licorice, False Unicorn Root, Vitex, Wild Yam, Resveratrol, Mangosteen, Rpyal Jelly, DHEA, Red Clover, Black Cohosh, etc. (None of it matters if it's not twins!) I wish you could put links on this website. I found a great study that showed that 10 days of aromatase inhibitors early in the cycle produces on average 6.7 eggs. 5 days of aromatase inhibitors (Letrozole) produces 3.9 eggs on average and I believe clomid produces about 4 eggs on average. Plus, aromatase inhibitors don't thin the lining of the uterus like clomid. Even if doing clomid, I would strongly consider adding an aromatase inhibitor (there are many natural ones out there, such as licorice and mangosteen, red clover and resveratol). (Google extended letrozole therapy for ovilation induction.) If this cycle didn't work I was strongly considering adding the type of aromatase inhibitors and anti-estrogens that body builders use. Inhibit E and 6oxo were the 2 otcs I was looking at. Decreasing estrogen in the first 10-12 days of the cycle really seems to increase the number of eggs by causing the body to put out more fsh in the body's attempt to increase estrogen. I'm such a dork!!!! I wish ttctwins was up so I could post all this info!


Bandygirl - March 2

Hi xerxella and all the ttctwins girls, it's Bandholz from the ttc site. Glad I found some of you. I was sooo upset when the site went down, hoping it would come up again but hasn't yet. I set up a FBook page, feel free to join us there too. Just look up Ttc Twins! On the other hand, no news here to report. I haven't read all this thread yet, but looking forward to reading!



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