TTC Twins Jan Feb

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chicago2009 - January 10

Krissy: I tested yesterday, got very very thin line, so its still way to early. I also have kind of white and watery cm. Well, I think we are on our way to the strechy egg -white fertile cm. I usually have no problem with cm, and after being watery it turns to strechy and fertile one;) So I think it is the matter of a day or two.


mommyoftwoboys - January 11

Hey ladies! I am new here but I have been reading along for a while. Does anyone here live in Canada and is trying to conceive using u/p clomid? I am wondering where is the best place to order u/p clomid? I love reading all your stories!


Erica9901 - January 12

YAY! My CBEFM showed peak today, but no temp rise!!!! That means tonight & tomorrow are the important ones =) I expect the temp rise not tomorrow morning but the next, we'll see. I'm feeling good, but I def have O signs. So exciting! How about everyone else? How was your weekend? 2ww, here we come!


chicago2009 - January 12

Erica: I see that you are busy ;) me too! yesterday and today are deffinitely my days. Just in case, I will also BD tommorrow hee hee.


Erica9901 - January 12

I know Chiacago! I'm so hoping this is our month!!! My DH is in heaven - and I've been really wanting it too ; ) but I don't want to overdo it, like I think we did last month. We BD'ed only every other day and then those 4 days in a row starting CD is CD 14. My O symptoms are stronger than usual so maybe I'll release 2 eggies, who knows?! I'm fairly certain tomorrow is my day! So how in the world are we going to make it through the 2ww, LOL?


greatgreta - January 13

hey ladies! how is everyone doing? infact, WHERE IS EVERYBODY? guess everyone's busy BDing, lol !! well, i've been keeping very busy- crazy busy. anything to disract me from the dreaded 2WW and symptom spotting and POAS!! CD17 here and 2 DPO. i'm positive i Oed on CD15, i even had ovulation spotting, which i've never had before! trying hard not to symptom spot, but i just have a feeling (but haven't i before? lol). Anyway, we'll just have to wait and see! this is SOOOOO going to be my month! this WILL be my month! (watch this space)!! lol babydust, patience and positive vibes to everyone!


Erica9901 - January 14

OK girls...I don't know whats going on... I got a Peak reading on my Clear Blue monitor CD 14 & 15. Thats basically a + OPK, right? Normally I then get my BBT temperature rise on CD 16 but this morning was CD 16 and NO TEMP RISE. That has never happened to me before, I am really upset. I'm going to see what tomorrow morning's temp is before I completely count myself out, but its looking like I didn't O at all. could I of possibly O'ed really late on CD 15 (or early, early in the morning CD 16) and my temp just didn't have time to rise???? That is what I am desperately hoping for... Well, I hope its going better for all of you, Good luck!


ilovekids - January 14

Hi girls. How is everyone doing this month? Im still waiting to ovulate. Feeling very low about it all to be honest.All this waiting,testing for ovulation is so stressfull.sometimes i feel like giving up......sigh Baby dust to all


chicago2009 - January 14

Erica: just keep on BDing, I think with soy iso (just like with clomid) you may O earlier or later than usual. I doesn't mean anything yet. It is my cd17, I am pretty sure I ovulated on cd15 taking a break today but will BD again tommorrow. Just in case ;) for luck! Somehow I got used to 2ww, it has been so long since we started ttc, and I am very tired of dealing with dissappointment. Well, if it doesn't go as planned with my u/p clomid this cycle , then it is IVF time for me ladies, in a couple of months.


chicago2009 - January 14

Ilovekids: when in your cycle do you usually O? you are one day behind me in your cycle, and I just O two days ago (I think). So do some BD tonight and think positive ;)


Erica9901 - January 15

Thanks for the positive thoughts. I hope you O soon, don't give up, ilovekids! quick update on my situation: So I did get a temp rise this morning! I am happy, but cautiously so - I hurt my back yesterday afternoon and was in a lot of pain last night. I slept OK (without meds) so I don't THINK it made my temp high, but I guess it could have. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what my temps are in the next few days... so I guess I am 1 DPO now... in the 2ww =)


WantingMore - January 15

Hello to all! I have been reading all of your posts in this thread and the recent threads as well. First of all, I do wish you all the VERY best of luck! I am also in the position of TTC twins and will hopefully be beginning my first dose of Clomid in February. I have not given much thought to attempting the other methods of increasing our chances (i.e Yams, soy, folic acid, etc.). Were you prescribed the Clomid or did you order it online (unprescribed?). My Dr. wants to discuss everything next week and I want to be prepared should he say "No" to prescribing it. Thanks again and I sincerely look forward to reading all of your success stories!! ;o)~


Ren26 - January 16

Hi ladies! I am on CD12 and waiting to O. After giving it a lot of thought, I decided not to take Clomid this time. My hormones have been terrible and my body just needed a break. If I don't get a BFP this month then I will continue to take the Clomid next cycle. It did take me a year to get my BFP with my last pregnancy, so I know I can't take Clomid that many times in a row. I hope we see some BFP's this month! only_three_shots- How are you feeling? When is your next appt? greatgreta- Have you taken a hpt yet? Good luck!


Erica9901 - January 18

hi girls! How is everybody? *where* is everybody? Any updates/symptoms/news? Nothing exciting here - yet - hopefully...


only_three_shots - January 19

Ren~ My next appointment is on the 26th. I am *hoping* they will do an ultrasound. In the meantime I am miserable! I feel sick all day, luckily I am very good at talking myself out of puking. I am also having a hard time sleeping already and can't fit into any pre-pregnancy clothing already. I feel like poo. But my DH seems to understand a little. I had to explain why I am so tired. I told him that it takes a lot of energy to make a person, so today he went and surprised me with a stand mixer. I have wanted it for a long time (I LOVE to bake) but I am too cheap to buy it. I keep burning up the cheap hand held ones. It was thoughtful of him. Now I have no excuse on making him a really nice cake for his birthday next month. LOL


greatgreta - January 19

hey ladies! hope everyone's well! Ren- any signs of O yet? Only- good to hear from you! sorry you're feeling like poo. oh the joys of pregnancy! i know it's little comfort now, but at least in a few weeks it'll pa__s. Erica and Chicago- how's the 2ww treating you? when are you going to test? wantingmore- hello! when is your doctor's appt? AFM- CD23 and 8DPO, and i'm trying very hard not to symptom spot! i've been feeling very light-headed and tired, but i've been very busy these last few weeks, so who knows! i am DYING to POAS, but promised DH i wont test before 10DPO at least. so 2 more days!!!! c'mon BFP!! c'mon BFP!! C'MON BFP!!



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