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Twinkletoes - October 13

I am pregnant with my second child (due next month!) and I am considering getting my tubes tied,but my doctor is concerned because I am still young and he is scared later on down the road I might want to have another child, well I really only want two!! Even though I am still young yes, I do not want more then two! My doc suggested the IUD instead,but those only last up to 10 years, so then I will have to take birth control again 10 years from now, something I do not want to do! Of course my doctor will do it if I insist, I'm just curious on eveyone elses take on this! Thanx


Em - October 13

How old are you? I guess I would have to agree with the doctor. You are sure now that you only want two but if you are still young you have no idea what life will bring you. I mean, you could fall in love with someone else, for instance. Why would you not take the IUD for ten years and then see if you still feel the same way about getting tubes tied? It is costly to reverse it so I really would wait until I was 100% sure. (The reason I don't think you are is because you are posting this question.)


Angela - October 13

Please don't do it if you know you want more you will regret it if you do. I got my tubes tied after my 3 child thinking i didn't want no more. I regreted it!!!!!!! Thank GOD I was able to get my tubed reversed and i am now 5 weeks pregnant. I give all the GLORY TO GOD.


April McIntyre - October 13

I am 22 and got my tubes done after my younger kiddo due to not tolerationg of bc and not physically able to handle another pregnancy,or emotionally or financially , so if you have good reasons let em have em. also, i have realized that i could love as many kids as i ever had, but would not have enough time to show my kids how much i love them if i had more.


Lisa - October 13

22 is young to make a decision on that. You may be in different position in about 5 years; or two; you never know. They have the depo shot and all that out now, have you considered that option perhaps? It would just be awful (for me anyways) to do that and then maybe 5 years down the road have to get it reversed because of that decision when I could have went another direction. But, it is really up to you and the decision you make will be what is best for you. You just sound not sure; or you would not be asking opinions. Good luck with your decision!


Tammy - October 13

I wanted my tubes tied at 25 and my doctor talked me out of it because I had 1 child. Who knew I would end up divorced and remarry a man who had no children. I am now expecting my 2nd child with my new husband. For me, I am glad I didn't do it.


Jbear - October 14

I just had my 2nd baby and had my tubes tied. I'm 27 and it's a real relief to know I won't be having to use some kind of birth control with my husband for the next 20+ years. If you do get an IUD, though, and it has to be replaced after the ten years, you'd just have another one put big deal. Another thing, I hope this doesn't sound mean, but if you're asking people on the internet if you should tie your tubes or not, it sounds like you're really not sure about it. Maybe you should wait and see how you feel about it in a year or two. Everyone talks about having it reversed, but that's not always possible.



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