Tummy Flutters

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nikki_firstimepregnant - May 19

I keep having little flutters in my stomach for the past few days. I'm only 10 weeks pregnant and when I had my ultrasound done yesterday it showed the baby on the opposite side of my stomach. This is my first time being pregnant and I know that people who have already had a baby may feel the baby this early. I don't know what the flutters could be from. I have never felt them before I became pregnant. Has anyone else felt this??


Anon - May 21

What you are feeling could be just gas.


Evonna - May 21

Anon, she currently just said she never felt that feeling before, obviously it's not gas especially if you already know what gas feels like. Quickening can occur as early as 14 weeks but generally closer to the average of the 18th to 22nth week (which i'm reading of my pregnancy book). Thinner women tend to feel movements earlier than a person with more weight. I think it's possible that nikki felt flutters that early. I felt flutters real early as well.


snugglybugglys - May 21

Yes it is very possible she felt flutters that early. This is my 4th pregnancy, and I have always felt movement very early. Not yet for this one as I am only 9 weeks. But I asked my dr, because my "lovely" mother in law was acting like I was stupid and that it was gas. Anyway, my dr said yes it was the baby because the baby started moving by then. I know books say some other things...but a lot of books say different weeks when movement occurs.


les22 - May 21

i started to feel fluttering before 13 weeks. i thought i was going nuts ! i have a heart shaped uterus so i thought i may be feeling it early because of this.


clare - May 21

hiya im 25 weeks pregnant i felt flutters from early on and everyone told me it was gas but when i had my scan i was told the amount it was moving inside me it would be a miracle if i hadnt been feeling it lol xxx


mandee25 - May 22

I have been feeling tiny flutters in my lower stomach in the past week or so and I am 14w 3d pregnant. I thought maybe it was just me wanting to feel something but I have never had this sensation before and I am positive it isn't gas either. Soon I should be feeling something! I cannot wait!


flower.momma - May 23

I started feeling this baby at 12 weeks, and my dd at 14. It is an unmistakable feeling, it reminds me of a wiggly tadpole. Sometimes it is more of a tapping feeling. When I told my midwife how early I was feeling kicks this time I expected her to look at me like I was crazy, but instead she just said, "that's great!"


babybird - May 23

I think you could definately be feeling your baby. Just because it was on the other side during the u/s doesn't mean anything because they have plenty of room too move at this point in pregnancy. If you really think it is your baby, I'm sure it is!


KLT - June 1

I just hit my 5 month mark and i've been feeling flutters for a few weeks now. But it feels more like an anxious nervous feeling in my lower chest area...right above my belly, kind of in the lower chest plate area. Is this the baby? I hate how it feels and I know its not from feeling nervous or gas or anything. Any ideas?


AMELIA - July 26

I am 10 weeks pregnant and I am feeling the same thing! Its feels similar to a quick viberation concentrated to a very small location (in my lower ab). I had my first ultrasound 3 days ago and as soon as she put the probe on my belly, she picked up the image and the sound of my babies heart beat. It was amazing. This is my first pregnancy and it seems that I am experiencing things that alot of women dont until later. My belly is also poking out more than usual. The books I have read say you wont show until 4 months but Im already showing and this is my first pregnancy and Im not thin. The best advice my doctor gave me was "DONT READ BOOKS! IT NEVER HAPPENS LIKE IT DOES IN BOOKS!"


cyndilea1973 - July 28

This is my first pregnacy I have carried this far (I am currently 15 w 3 d) and I started feeling bubbly feeling at 12 weeks. When we did our u/s at 12 wks the baby was wiggling and moving all over the place and when I told them I had been feeling the baby, they were not surprised! Ever since then, I feel little taps and poking on both side of my tummy and I know FOR SURE this is the baby and I am SO excited!


Shestarr - August 2

Through reading so much material on flutters/kick-like feelings, so far I've discovered that the "flutter feeling" may also be the baby hiccup-ing or coughing. They will sometimes do this before they learn how to kick... That probably explains why some women feel this much earlier than others...


ambreth - September 23

has anyone ever felt "fluttering" or a bubbling sensation in your first month? this is my 3rd pregnancy and i believe i've felt what feels like little bubbles popping in my uterus area almost immediatly after conception.


flyergirl - January 20

i felt flutering in the first few weeks of my pregnancy the dr told me that it could be the water sac filling up.


[email protected] - February 15

hi my name is leanne and i thought i was pregnant cause ive been feelin little flutters in my lower tummy but ive try 2 tests and they both come up sayin that there negative now my last period was in the end of november which they last for a week so i had my peroids last week so i dont know if i might be pregnant or not cause of what the teats say so what can it be its not gas i know what gas feels like but my belly seems to be out like i am pregnant but the flutters are just now and again what could it be


jog2sedona - August 21

leannescott2009, it's so great to hear someone else is experiencing the same thing! So did you turn out to be pregnant? My boyfriend and I didn't use protection at all for 3 months, not even the pull out method. And I can tell what gas feels like and this is not gas. I was laying on the couch one day and felt this weird flutter low in my abdominal area. I've been feeling it a lot the past week now. But oddly enough I've done 3 pregnancy test, all negative. And I've had 2 periods in not even a months time. My period has been all over the place the past 2 months in fact. Spotting and stopping, starting for a day, heavy, light, just very random. I've had friends take pregnancy test that said no and it turned out they were months along. I've also had friends that had their periods and didn't find out they were pregnant until their 4 or 5 month. So I'm just curious to hear with all this fluttering, could it be?



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