Twitchy Eye

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Heavenly - February 24

My eye has been twitching for nearly a week now. I am going to call my Dr today but they are not open yet. DAMMIT! Anyone have this during preg??? I heard it means you have a diffeciency of something?


E - February 24

I think it may be due to an impending nervous breakdown. Your eye starts to twitch, then you go berzerk and commit murder against those that have driven you insane. Just kidding sweety (sort of?). I did not have a twitch while pregnant but I doubt it means a deficiency. It can be triggered from stress.


Heavenly - February 24

AH HA! Stress dammit! I have plenty of that! Thanks E! I am about to go bite some heads off.


P - February 24

I read somewhere that too many pets and your mother living under the same roof can cause that... They used an extreme case of a new puppy and a farting, nose-picking mom but I guess any one will do. :P Don't forget to chew before you swallow.


Heavenly - February 24

Cute P! Haha. Yea, your right! That'll do it to ya I guess. It's a good thing I am preggo cuz I would have drove off a bridge or something by now. I called my Doc and the nurse said that she would run it by the Dr. She hasn't called back yet. They are probably laughing their a__s' off at me right about now. I have been cleaning my a__s off these past few weeks. There is really nothing left to clean so I am washing the walls now. I have my Mom scared to even leave something in the sink at this point. I have gone mad I tell you! Nothing is clean enough! In just a few I am going to take a shower, put my feet up and do my nails! After that I am going to work on the application for her apartment. I am sooooooo tired!!!! I haven't been able to sleep either. I have nightmares every night! I think I have been cursed.


KM - February 24

I had it when I wasn't pregnant. But, this may help you out. it is because apparently, (after being to the optomitrist 4 times) I have very dry eyes. Which is caused by allergies. You may only be experiencing the twitch during pregnancy, because allergies are more pronounced at this time. all you can do is use artificial tears, there is also a gel type moisturizer for your eyes. P, where in canada are you from, just curious, im also canadian :p


Beth - February 24

yes when i get really stressed. the only thing you can really do is try to relax, i know, easier said than done


P - February 25

KM - I live in a Toronto suburb called Brampton. Where abouts do you live?


Mari - February 25

When I was in Medical a__sistant school my teacher told us it meant calcium diffeciency


KM - February 26

I'm from New Brunswick.



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