Two Cultures And A Baby Name

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cangirl - May 13

my husband and i come from two different cultures i was recently thinking about baby names should the baby name reflect both cultures or should i just choose one any thoughts?


Kristin72 - May 13

I have a similar dilema..except my partner is Greek and I am Canadian with Swedish/Dutch and Scottish/Irish roots my boyfriend wants me to name our child after his father (whom does not speak to me) His name is George. We have been together for 6 years and we are not married. I would like to name the child a name I praticularily like..and possibly give a middle name to the man who hates me..but even doing that makes me cringe. Personally, I think the women should chose the name. Ther are so few things in life we really get to chose..we are the ones that carry the baby. My guy is not even that supportive of fact he is quite mean at times. I am not even married to my guy. This has really affected our relationship..but I do not want to jeoprodize my beliefs nor does he. I originally wanted to name my child after a brother of mine who had died. But then my other brothers wife had twins and the boy was named Cameron. So that is out the window.. cangirl sorry if I am not much help..But if you both are chosing a name that is great..I am being told I'd "better" name the child George or else.. Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou


Kristin72 - May 13

cangirl..having two names a first anda middle name would be great ..also the baby would have the cultural last name of the father so maybe the first name could be your background and the second and third his..or whatever..depends how agreeable your man is.


krista-lee - May 13

cangirl - what are the two cultures? you both might be able to agree upson something you both like


cangirl - May 14

well Kristin72 all i can say is that is just the way greek men are stubburn my girlfriend is married to one he drives her crazy 99% of time so good luck there . i am also canadian and have same roots as you plus one welsh and my hubby is pakistani and is pretty good at being agreeable but the thing is he would like the name to reflect his religon and culture as well as mine but how do i do that the name that reflect my culture don't reflect his . and i in no want affend his family because the treat me with so much respect but i also want to honour my parents to because i am so close to them .i think i will go crazy before i get a solution


cangirl - May 14

i am starting think to just name the baby "baby" . because i curtainly have 65 names on paper that we both like from each of cultures but the problem is getting them crossed off to get to one


cangirl - May 14

oh as far the last name he says the last doesn't count just like a trying to cheat at a game lol


krista-lee - May 14

to narrow them down, write each name with the last name to see if it sounds nice, and if you have a middle name picked out, try that too, some might not match with the middle and last names


cangirl - May 14

i give that a try


MystinaAlise - May 15

me and my BD were having this problem... we both sat down (with a list of like 75 or 80 names) and we each got to cross one name off at a time... to make it simple and to be able to see if we truely liked the names they were writting out first middle and last name all together so we could see how it really fit... we could each save two names then when we got it down to twenty we redid it and we could each save one name... we now have our names picked out... maybe that would help... it really helped us communicate and find out what it was we liked/disliked about the names... and it was fun (of course we are really goofy sometimes) any ways good luck and god bless!


cangirl - May 15

we settled on names if it is a girl sabina razia marie and if a boy mohammad solman javid thank god we need or i was going to the crazy house


Betul - May 15

Those are beautiful names! I know exactly how you I am American and my husband is Turkish but we are both muslim. With our first son it is tradition in his culture to name the first born son after the paternal grandfather and so we did and my husband chose a turkish name for the middle name too! I didnt mind because I liked the names. The only problem we came across was that we live in the US and my family and American friends have a very difficult time with the pronounciation of our son's name. So now, we are expecting a girl and my husband wants to name her after his mother. Again, I really have no problem with this but we decided that the middle-name should be one that could be "Americanized" so that my family and friends could use that name to refer to her. Her "official" name will be Firdevs Emine. From Emine, we will Americanize it to Emma. I absolutely love that name and my mother said, "Thank goodness, a name I can say!"


cangirl - May 15

salam alyikum Betul that is a beauitful name . that was my concern to finding a name that my family can pronounce i am slso muslim as well as my husband and we wnted a name to represent our religon but also a name that would be easy for everyone to pronounce


frankschick2001 - May 15

KRISTIN72: I feel bad for your situation. Not for nothing, but tradition or not, George is just an awful name (in my opinion). Too bad Cameron was taken by your other brother that is a really nice name. But just put your foot down as hard as your BF is. If he is telling you to name it George "or else" look him dead in the eye and say "or else what?" I do not get along with my bf's mother and if he told me I had to name the baby after her, I would never ever stop laughing in his face.


Kristin72 - May 15

Thankyou Frankschick2001, for your support..this topic may sound trivial to alot of people..but I am living this..and it is really upsetting to me to "have" to name my child after an man who has been nothing but mean and rude to me as I am not Greek...well his father is right about one thing..I am not Greek and therefore I refuse to submit to using a name of someone who has tried to make my life hell and break my relationship up over the years..HE is a miserable old man who no respect for women or people in general..he is however John's father and I respect that..but that is as far as it goes...With the amount of worries I have had with my pregnancy plus all the past issues with fallen pregnancies in the past..I feel I would like to chose the name of my daughter/son..and would like to feel no pressure either way as to the name chosen...Thanks again for you note and support with this has really been driving me nuts.. Kristin


frankschick2001 - May 17

KRISTIN Just stick to your guns. It is very important that you like the name of your baby! I know how some old fashioned greek families can be when it comes to their children marrying a non-greek. That is all it takes for them not to like you. I am not saying all greek people are like this! But in your case, this is what you are dealing with. If this is why he doesn't like you, then unfortunately, he will probably never like you, and that is a shame. But what can you do? One thing...NOT name your child after that person! My BFs brother died 18 months ago, and if this is a boy we will most likely name him Richard, after his brother. Now, I am not CRAZY about the name, believe me. But it could be worse and I am not going to make a fuss. I prefer traditional names anyway. But my BF has three George's in his family. Two of them are a-holes and the other is a little boy who hates his name. So I just don't like th ename at all. Plus, when you name a child after someone, it is out of respect and admiration or in memory of a person. Not out of force. You look him straight in the eye and tell him you will never put the name "george" on a birth certificate and he will simply have to agree to something else.



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